May 21, 2007

Queen Mary: Pvt. Dan Russell

Few pieces of the built in first class furniture were removed during her service in WWII as as troop transport. Today we can find bits of information still intact from that period on the bottoms of many of the dresser drawers. This dresser drawer from a First Class Stateroom.

The writing on the bottom of the drawer says: Pvt. Dan Russell, 411th Infantry, 103rd Division, Boarded the Queen Mary New York, Dec 24, 1943. I wondered how many of the 20,000 on board would survive the job ahead - God Speed.

WWII Troop Ships: Queen Mary 1943


  1. It says.... The job ahead, God Speed. Then he signed it. I wonder if he lived?

  2. just dropping by and taking a peek :) ~mns


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