August 7, 2007

A Brown Bag Lunch

We three had origonally met at a magical writing workshop and had grown into friends who gathered to chat once a month, or so, over our diverse lunches. Marion B with her smoked salmon on spinach, Tehatchap with peanut butter and jelly, and I, wearing the visor, with ham and cheese on a background of sea and sky.

This visit wasn’t to discuss friends or crafts or bits of life, though we did have a good laugh over a shared Hell’s Angel’s memory, we were there to soak in the essence of each other for a last visit together. Houses and packing and family…….always family to discuss, and our neighborhoods. We three have always been a part of our communities in various ways. I could be caught three or four times wiping my eyes on my sleeves.

Tehatchap and her much loved husband have wanted to move north to Tehatchape for years. Now they are within days of this, and Marion and I are so very happy for them. There new home is nearing completion, and their trailer is on site. Only a few boxes remain to be packed and they will be off. She will be much missed, and tho we have email and blogs, it isn’t quite the same as seeing her over a brown bag lunch.

We waved her off and her cell phone rang. She popped her phone to her ear, and I admit to wiping my eyes one more time as she vanished down the stairs alredy talking into another world.


  1. I agree, as much as technology has been touted, it still can't replace face to face interaction yet.

  2. Writing groups do allow us to meet interesting new friends. Am glad technology makes it so much easier and faster to stay in touch with those who move away.

    Your photos and info present an attractive and informative look at the Queen Mary. I recall visiting her in Long Beach many years ago; also Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose housed nearby.

  3. Hopefully, there will continue to be face to face interaction and many visits! The internet, however, is a blessing when distance interferes with friendship.


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