August 13, 2007

Monday Bullets

  • Trim: Get off my larger posterior and trim the threads on the bedroom quilt. Finally.
  • Quilting plans: Let the ideas for the next quilt grow beyond color. I want to do a blue and white quilt. Blue, white and red? Something I could leave out in the living room no matter what color the living room is. I have that mid 1800’s blue and white quilt with it’s steel cut fabrics, but I don’t want to put it out in the light living room and fade those wonderful antique fabrics. It’s one of the best thrift store finds ever.
  • I need to photograph the House Quilt. Did I photograph it when we lived in the big house? It’s a king size quilt with scrap blocks of historic houses. There’s no photographic record of it, and it lives in the sun in the living room. Actually, I want to photograph all the quilts I have here, those I have made and bought, before they crumble away.
  • life things that need tending to before I vanish again.
  • Eating simply today. I didn’t feel at all good just at the end of the ball game last night. It was probably that last bit of Diet Coke. So today, toast and margarine.
  • I do need to shop for dinners for G. He likes salad. He gets salad. But with some variation.
  • Get my work stuff in unobtrusive piles. What’s that? When I come home, I have a tendency to come up the stairs and put everything on the dining room table then head to bed. Publicly filing my life by piles….unwanted piles. And there my piles stay until the homestand is over. Perhaps there is a more house and G friendly way of coming home and collapsing after work. Like putting it all in a corner of the dining room rather than in the middle of everything. I’m really trying hard not to be a slob.
  • Most importantly, whacking away on that new poem to get it down to one page in length. That’s what publications are accepting right now. Bee and I discussed this trend at our Monday morning phone call. Everything shorter. Attention span changes, cultural changes….are they brought on by the media changes?
  • Visiting Duck for the last time in a week. I confess that I was totally shocked by his behavioral changes. I’ve read up on this phenomenon now, but that won’t lessen the impact that these dramatic changes in him have on me. Depression. I didn’t expect that. I always carry a sadness with me as he fades away, but his behaviors of the other day triggered depression in me.
  • Perhaps G’s behaviors yesterday, taking my laughter at a book personally, was triggered by Duck’s changes too. Once G discovered I wasn't laughing at him, he had a positive action filled day jumpstarted by a meeting, taking the defective home theater back and installing a new one, installing a G built shelf for the electronics, visiting Duck, fixing himself dinner, and picking me up after work.

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