September 17, 2007

Three and Four: Out the Door

Ballpark Images: Sushi Bar window: Copyright G. Bailey, 2007.

We won, and then we won again and again.

The baseball fans in the neighborhood needed this sweep to jumpstart their playoff hopes. Where in the old stadium the team often had only seven thousand people to see a game, these last four years have brought crowds to every homestand. Lately they have been tapering off again. One old timer began grumbling when we have only twenty thousand fans, but I reminded him of those empty seats. These last three days, we have averaged about thirty five to forty thousand…or more, per game.

I seem to be creeping into a sweep of some sort too. I’ve been with the company four years, and this week I have been invited to three parties. Two were company parties, and one is the usual end of the year thing given at the beach by the GSR’s. G and I did a quickie appearance, a good political move, at the bosses house last night after the game. The boss’s dad and I get along well. He likes that I was in the Army, and I was able to introduce him to G over great Greek munchies. Artillery….they were both artillery. I never talk politics, and so a friendship grows. Saw some of my favorite old cops too, and got to say goodbye to our Management person the Navy is transferring back to Florida…their old home. He’s a great loss to our company. I listened for a while as he extolled the virtues of living near family, going home to Florida, then his wife said slowly, very sub-rosa, “We’ll be back.” I kept a straight face.

As soon as we decently could, we left the beer drinkers to crowd around the many flat screen TV’s and Charger watch while we fled to Chinese dinner and early bed. Counting the days.

Me: Everywhere creaky.

G: Putting up with me and mine plus four days of baseball very well. New hours at work. Bankers hours.

Duck: We haven’t seen him in two days. I hope he is ok.

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