September 15, 2007

Two: And running

Park Avenue Gate escalator and elevator tower, Top: 2004. Middle: 2007. Bottom: 2006.

Day one began with my walking out the door fifteen minutes early just to see the bus speed on by me. They had changed the bus schedule and I didn’t know. Then on arrival, scrubbing, cookies, diet coke, a few minutes to read, and the crowds began arriving. Good stuff. My back wasn’t happy, but I was.


Cee, my Supervisor and friend who had heatstroke two days in a row, was there still looking gaunt and still cold when the rest of us are warm. Her body remains sideways to the rest of the world.

G and Ba arrived bearing tales of Ba’s two staffs giving her parties and then more parties. This has been a very good last year of work for her and a great birthday. She brought me two of her birthday cupcakes. Jules got her a birthday bag from the Padres. All in all a great success.

The game dragged. Crowds left. Things picked up in the 9th inning, and we won gloriously in the tenth. The crowds missed all the fun and Hoffman got the win.

A first for me: A GSR group invited me to the after season party on the beach. I’m bringing slaw. Another first: It was suggested that I come to the owners home for an after work party on Sunday to say good by to one management person who is being transferred to Florida. His move will be a huge loss for the company.

Just for today, life is a pretty good thing.

Me: My legs look like legs not like sausages. Love it.

G: Second day out of four baseball days.

Duck: No calls yesterday. He must have had a great day.

Pete: No biopsy needed. It wasn’t a lesion, it was an infection. We all were very pleased about this.

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