September 29, 2007

Where We Blog

My computers, his computers, and our computers. September 2007.

Ronnie Bennett has started a new page entitled, “Where We Blog.” I agree. If we see someone’s environment, we understand this person better. Please stop by and see where some of us blog.

In my “Where I Blog” case, you can understand “us” better.

Mine is the mess to the left. And you aren’t really seeing all of it. There’s another bookcase, a dresser, an ironing board with a quilt block on it, and a rolling quilt table off to the left. I too partially cleaned up my side of the computer room……..I moved my purse and my rolling workbag off the desk surface.

His is the mess to the right. I won’t take the blame for more than two of the computers in that area. I admit to using the Dell Optiplex business computer as a backup hard drive. Anyone who has ever had a hard drive crash can understand my paranoia. Since I’ve had a couple die on me, I clearly want to keep all my journals and images more than backed up. Hence the Optiplex next to my Gateway.

He bought two new computers this month. Yes, for a brief while he was a dead man. He “forgot” to communicate about one of them to me until it’s almost arrival. Enthusiasm run riot indeed. He groveled. The only way we two non-communicative souls have survived this long together is by communicating. It’s still hard tho.

I have birthday cards on top of grandchildren pictures with a reference book or two thrown in for good measure above my bookcase full of pads, files, boxes, pads, files, et al. Achoooooooooooo……….! He has games and discs and toys on top of toys with stuffed animals as the frosting. I who am allergic to dust……..achooooooooo…….have semi annual dusting fits that seem to upset him for some reason.

Underneath each desk is a foot stool. Mine because of the predilection of my legs to swell post bypass. He because I looked comfortable. Awsome comfort indeed.

So now you know the worst of us, I’m off to work at football for two days. If you want me, you can find me at the head of my ramp. Waving.

Joan Lindgren: Google lists 475,000 hits for Joan, her life, work, lectures, classes, projects, books, and her translations. Her work spanned the globe, and her words influenced millions.

Savanah: Please stop in to see Savanah on her web page, Savanah’s Journey.

Me: I got my walk in despite discovering that all three pair of Reeboks were totally worn out. Bought new Reeboks after dinner and a visit to Duck.

G: They moved his desk, and he brought home all his “Stuff” from his old desk. He was told not to expect to stay where he is very long. He’s still having fun and still has a job tho.

Duck: Long pauses while he tried to remember things. He put on his new “Dog” sweatshirt and didn’t quite seem to understand it.

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