October 21, 2007

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Polar Bears and fans, October 2007.

  • On work. When I work Aztec games, I stand happily in my tunnel and miss all the meetings and things before the game. I miss the game, and I prepare for a day by myself…..nothing fancy, that’s me. That’s the way it’s supposed to go. What happened was that I got whipped off to a new job. An indoors and with-a-chair job. A promotion. You can tell they are trying me out.

    I’ve said the wrong thing often enough that they usually put me places where I can do no wrong. At least, that’s my view. So I was quite surprised that I was given the Guest Service office to run….with no instruction, and with a crew of three. They gave some poor soul my old job with no instruction and abandoned us both to our fates.

    I survived. I ate a wonderful cookie and farted at all the wrong moments, and I checked bags and helped put on wristbands until everyone was in. I had a bag checker…….so I used him to do the core work while I backed him up. I told the American Disability Act (ADA), workers, two bored men one of which wasn’t functional, what to do as I figured it out myself. And there was a chair. That most marvelous of gifts, a chair.

    So I drank my hidden coke. I charmed my crew into wanting to come back to work for me again, and I charmed the Guest Service office personal into thinking I knew what I was doing. All this was helped by the lady in charge being one of my Padres ticket agents who, once she figured out who I was, remembered me well. A promotion.

What not to wear.

  • Today as we started out into the stunningly beautiful day, we decided to hit the Zoo. We are desultory members….we are among those who sit cross-legged at home instead of sitting on buses or walking seeing the Zoo.

    We knew that Hoof and Horn Mesa was being torn down to build a new African Habitat….elephants and jaguars and other magic critters. We rode the bus which now gives a truncated ride through the bus barn. We rode the sky ride and saw the devastation and scorched earth for ourselves. After pausing to be delighted by the antics of the Polar Bears, we again saw the scorched earth on our way out. Only a few mature trees remain…….most being boxed.

As the Eucalyptus trees die, so does Hoof and Horn Mesa.

  • Grandson Aaron is home and has been assigned to the USNS Mercy. Check out the link and history of the ship.

  • Sunday Night: Fire News: Currently thousands are preparing to evacuate two area’s in the back country. Fire danger is high, and flames are burning out of control in two places. This NBC article has current pictures of the two fires.

  • Monday: 0855: San Diego is ringed by eight fires. 5 north and south are slowed to a crawl, 15 north and south are closed, 8 north and south are closed in the east county as is 94. Daughter and grandaughter in Escondido are staying home and have evacuation plans. Campo family is still in town, OB granddaughter stayed home from school. G couldn't get to work because freeways were closed. Friends in Jamul and any border towns have been evacuated. Ramona and Rancho Bernardo friends are evacuated. More later.

I worry. Hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated and I worry. Statistics and images flow from the radio, from the TV, and I’m so appalled that I am frozen in time.

The lighthouse at the top of Point Loma smoke behind it.

On my way to work at the library for a few hours, we run up to the top of the point and find the world swathed in smoke. My lungs hurt. Both G’s chest and mine hurt. When he comes to pick me up, the world outside the crazy library is an ugly grey.

I still worry but am grateful that both kids have called me. Marie is packed, and at three the fire is still many miles away. Rancho Bernardo is burning as is Rancho Santa Fe. Evacuation orders run from the mountains through to the beach communities of Lucadia and Carlsbad. They run parallel down the other side of the city through to Chula Vista….my old home town.

Lenora went to work on Kearny Mesa where the Fire Department masses their army. Only one engine was left to care for the city. Her daughter Mohave stayed home from work safe here at our beach.

By four, the fire is only five miles away from Marie’s house. She has her cell, with charger, has a bag of clothing for both of them, and she has her laptop. Her address book, phone info, photographs, other small stuff are in with her laptop. Television tells us to take digital pictures of every room for your insurance carrier. She doesn’t have a camera.

Women from many other homes have been moved into hers. We also find when visiting Duck, the hospice has moved home care people into his nursing home. The turn around in front is jammed. We sneak in and take Duck to the living room for a coke and conversation.

The County emergency map as of 4 this afternoon. You can make it bigger or move the map around. Red areas have burned as of 4:30 PM, and mauve areas are under evacuation orders.

Still I worry. The Campo grandkids are ok. I make G call the Lakeside family and am much relieved to know they are all ok. I know the La Jolla four are well away from the path of the fire, but Ginger and Toad have not been heard from. Old friends from the 1960’s like Mike and Elaine from Jamul are silent. I hope they have all been evacuated.

A fishing boat goes out against a wall of smoke.


SD County Emergency Index Map

NBC San Diego

San Diego Union/Tribune

Fire Map from SDSU

2007 Forest Service Map

Channel 10/ABC News

Fox 6 News

Me: Saturday: Work. Bad tooth and back. Sunday: Tooth and a great day with G. Monday: Call dentist, call BDMK, work at Library, and follow the fire on the news.

G: Saturday: Dropped me off, Fry’s, Duck, Lunch, played on computer, out to dinner and picked me up. He was a happy camper. Sunday: Zoo, playing with pictures. Having a grand day together. Laundry. Monday: Work.

Duck: He was ok yesterday. Happily demented. Today he was even more forgetful than usual, and itching badly again. We talked to the charge nurse, and were basically blown off. G has a call into the doctor.

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