October 23, 2007

Tuesday Fire 2

Maps from County of San Diego Emergency Services.

0930: For those who do not know the geography of our lovely city, G and I live out on that elephant trunk in the ocean to the left almost at the end of Highway 8. These two maps show the fire in dark red, the one on the left as of 4:30 pm yesterday and the one on the right as of 6:30 am this morning.

Over three hundred thousand have been evacuated as of last night. Evacuation areas are in the lighter mauve. The evacuation lines have been moved up to the freeway 805 in the south bay, and they already are to the ocean at the north. The fire areas have grown since 0630 also.

G and I need to update our mobile phone. We will be shopping at Tarjay briefly then home using minimal electricity, since transmission lines have been cut, while staying off the freeways. Eldest daughter is still has not been evacuated, but highway 15 has been opened to the north.

I will update this during the day as I can.

1615: Brief afternoon news edit. Marie is still in her home. Still ok. Gin and Toad have been heard from and with fire all around them still have not been evacuated. I'd be so afraid in their case. All over town the reverse 911 call system put into place after the giant fires in 2003 is working well. 512,000 were evacuated by noon. Few maps on television, but as soon as I can grab one, I will. Much of our power grid is down. The world is quiet around us.

Biggest news of the day: G cleaned out his closet. So many beautiful shirts are now in storage, but what he has left can be found.

1900: A friend calls from Canada to say that Canada has a reciprocal arrangement with California, and one of two biggest, firefighting airplanes Canada owns is on it’s way here. Fire fighting troops are just waiting for the go-head also. Lovely friends those.

Friends from all over have been calling. We sit with lights off and power down, listening and watching the news while reading. Only twice do we turn our computers on then only guiltily because of the power usage. Even the back stair light, a four watter is turned off….damn the mold, full speed ahead.

We buy a handful of costumes for Duck. G finds a delightful chicken head to wear himself, but the moment Duck sees it he appropriates it. Off down the hall he goes making everyone do double takes and great howls of laughter follow him where ever he goes. We end up promising one distinguished lady to find a kitty costume……with tail, which we can stick out the back of her wheel chair.

Home to the ever lasting news. Breathing shallowly. Praying.

G: No access to work for the second day.

Duck; Said he watched the fire on TV all day. This is good that he is interested.


SD County Emergency Index Map

NBC San Diego

San Diego Union/Tribune

Fire Map from SDSU

2007 Forest Service Map

Channel 10/ABC News

Fox 6 News

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  1. Major mojo surrounding you. I am VERY concerned for your safety. Just all the smoke in the air is a problem. You won't have to work Sunday, will you? Won't the Chargers play somewhere else?

    Heartfelt hugs, Dee ...


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