November 30, 2007

Dear You....12/1/2007

There we are with a sculptural green thing and the hero himself. November 2007.

The first thing I absolutely have to do I told myself, no holds barred, is my email. Of course I didn’t get to it until after lunch and a drive to Kaiser in a downpour to renew that antibiotic Kpack.

Finally, here I am:

  • Dear Carrie, Hey, it's only twelve days since I began thinking of you, thinking I had to, right now, immediately, email you. Now here I am days later. I do hope you are ok and that your holiday was ok. I know you were surrounded by family and friends, but I know you were missing Ray too. Even his undershirt. How did the daughter cooked meal go? Did you both have fun and learn? Did My-Son-The-Doctor decide he wanted to learn the family culinary secrets too.We care. We ate with Duck and I had a toast to you and Duck. Our food wasn't near as good as it would have been if we had been at your house, but it was important we be there.

  • Dear Dianna.......I never mind getting things twice at all. Thanks for putting me on any email list. How nice you have your own website. Yes, mam, I will come back and check often. Did I give you my blog mirror address: It's much easier to reach me at Blogspot than in Open Diary. Daytripper at Blogspot. Yes too, there’s rain here. Imagine rain here in the desert. As soon as G gets off work, we are off to a silly piece of fluff movie at the local mall. We need to always.

  • Hi there dear Hugh.............And how are you. I have to guess that you are very busy right now. We will take anything you send us so we know you are alive. Are you warm up there in those glorious mountains of Colorado? Is your truck ok? How is the restaurant doing......great I hope? Have you graduated to waiting the tables yet? Seriously, thanks for helping your brother out this way. How are your mom and dad? G did call everyone at World RAC, but no one has called him back. We have no new news of anyone there.How are we? I knew you just wanted to know this. Fat. Which isn't good. My uniforms are tight. His shirts bulge quite a bit around the middle, and we both pay word service to Weight Watchers while eating things like peanut butter and chocolate. Part time work at football for me. George is getting into the swing of work again after a two week vacation we took up north. We so miss you in our lives, but I bet your mom, dad, and brother all are so glad you are home again.

  • Hi there Dear Terracita...........Why is your house cold? You have far more heaters than we do. You are too young to be cold. And too, how are you all going to not only keep that celebrity warm and dry in that Christmas Parade tomorrow, how are you keeping both of you plus the classic MBZ warm and dry. Oh, How I used to love that parade when I was a kid. That was such a treat to have my parents let me go downtown......or take me when I was younger. I remember a couple of good parades down on Hollywood Blvd when we lived there also. There were always more horses in the Chula Vista parade though, and I liked that one better. I'll be working tomorrow so I will miss the Ocean Beach Christmas Parade and tree lighting thingy. If it is still raining and perhaps that will effect the turnout at yours or ours. Just stay warm and dry. Wave good. I know you do that well…….

  • Hi Tehachap..............How delightful to see you in my inbox this morning. Thank you for sending the information straight and not in an attachment. I managed to acquire a virus last month despite all my precautions, and I wasn't impressed at all. Yes the "Freedom of the Seas." We did enjoy our cruise with that company a lot and would go again. Next time tho I think we will be on the Oosterdam. I hope anyway. BTW, here's a link to the senior Carnival Cruise Director. It offers a fascinating backstage glimpse of the Cruising world from the mouth of a boss with a sense of humor. So tomorrow I work the last Aztecs game and you bet I am grateful that I will be indoors. Many hugs dear are missed, but I know you are in heaven living up there.........

  • Hey dear you............there should be a Samhain chart somewhere to offer those of us on the outside some form of holiday guidance. :) Hugs……

  • Hi dear MK, Thanks so much for those delightful “Early baseball references” that you know I will use in my blog during the upcoming baseball season. I’m left smiling and hope others will too.

    “And so I shall catch the fly. -Henry VI’ll catch it ere it comes to ground. -MacbethA hit, a very palpable hit. -HamletYou may go walk. -Taming of the Shrew.Strike! -Henry IVFor this relief much thanks. -HamletYou have scarce time to steal. -Henry VIIIO hateful error. -Julius CaesarRun, run, O run. -King LearFair is foul, and foul is fair. -MacbethMy arm is sore. -Anthony and CleopatraI have no joy in this contract.-Romeo & Juliet”

  • Dear Nine…….. Just a hug your way...........we are thinking of you. We haven’t seen you much, but hope your heart is better. Hope your energy is doing well too. I'm at work this weekend. G will be home if you need him. Just call if you do. Hope you are warm over there……..

  • Hi Dear you................What fun you have been having. Club, friends, LA UCLA games....sorry about the basketball tho. Did you ever think, but maybe a little place in the hills above Glendale as your retirement apartment. That might center you nicely for any UC stuff you might do there and especially for the football at the Rose Bowl. Still the tooth. Oh, I am so sorry......and I thought they had fixed that tooth and you were good forever and ever. All that agony. I've been eating too much Tylenol too.......I didn't know it caused damage. Obviously, I need to read labels. So sorry you are still in pain, but I hope that soon the dentist will have you pain free. I join you......with a broken root on my main partial holding tooth. Unrepairable and must come out, he says. I'm at the double dose of antibiotics stage myself.G and I are taking the evening off and going out to some frivolous film at Fashion Valley. Hot dogs, popcorn, and M&M's.......oh, the important stuff indeed. Yes also, not only are you giving Beth a hand letting her help decorate, but you two will have a ball on the 7th. G and I are scheduled to do dinner with the SDSU folks that night, but I will see if G has the energy to do two things in one night after work. So good to see you in my inbox........

Lots of love and hugs, indeed. Georgette

Duck: Everyone was very nice to us Thursday. They caught up with us and told us all……which is that the derm guy finally came through with MORE antibiotics. A benydryl at bedtime too. This later might help. The antidepressants do not. I’m beginning to have itchies around my ankles just like Duck’s. Did I say I was appalled?

Me: Half the mouth continues better. The shot site has developed an ulcer and the pain radiates. Movie tonight was Enchanted: cute. A pastiche on every happy ending film Disney ever made.. Dinner at the theater. Simplicity indeed. Last SDSU Football game tomorrow. Night Game.. G: Fun tonight. He has the weekend off. He liked the movie too.

Savanah: Please stop in to see Savanah on her web page.

Weather: Rain, it’s so darned delightful. Very cold tomorrow.

Gifts for the Military:

Holiday Gifts for the Military. An MSMBC article with links and lots of useful information. I think we are adopting one more person overseas.

Any Send your support to a soldier in harms way. It’s nearing the holidays. Perhaps you would like to send off a box to someone in the military. There are things you can’t send too. Read the pages before you send anything.

Clemson mailing fact sheet: Everything you need to know about mailing food gifts to the military overseas.

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