December 4, 2007


One of my favorite bloggers has called it quits. Ronnie Bennett who writes "As Time Goes By" has had it.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was the response she got to one entry. Enough is enough she writes, “I can’t tell you which of half a dozen emails telling me that 60 isn’t old or you’re only as old as you feel or age is relative or whatever other excuse did it. It’s all bullshit. Old is old. The Crabby Old Lady in me is finished arguing that, along with all her versions of old-is-as-worthy-as-every-other-age.”

She had passionately taken a stand pro-elders and pro-blogers. She had become a clearing house for some of us with greyer hair and computer enthusiasms and opened our eyes to a brave new world of elder blogging. She introduced us to each other, gave us a space to share our tales, and shared a few of her own after she was put out to early retirement because of her age.

Any of us could keep a blog that espouses a passion. Most of us don’t. Yet we need passion to keep us moving along into the future. I personally find it is hard work to keep that passion moving without wearing myself out one way or another. Then too, it is hard to stay neutral if you are a passionate person.

I made a decision many years ago not to let my passions overrule my blog here. There’s just enough reality and enthusiasm in my life to keep me writing, but not enough to wear me out. This blog is still my memory. This blog still mirrors my enthusiasms for art, architecture, photography, and even growing old with a little panache. This blog offers me a quiet forum for my opinions….but I’m not out there waving a flag for I’ve already marched carrying my signs and been on Nixon’s bad guy list.

As I grew older, I found that I too easily let my passions wear me out. I wore myself out teaching swimming to tiny tots for seven years. You have to put all of you out there, body and soul, to get them to paddle happily and blow bubbles class after class. Nothing half hearted will ever do. Perhaps that’s why I hate to walk. I’ve walked with all my heart and all my soul for way too many years and don’t want to go back to it. Not only am I spoiled, but I'm burned out on walking.

Ronnie gave her very important blog her all and wore herself out with her caring. She and her writing will be much missed.

Duck: He remembers some immediate things very clearly but others pass right on over his head. He did remember that the Architectural Digest I brought him was from the library, but he forgot things we were talking about.

Me: Another ulcer. Stress induced. Walking today. Stress induced indeed. I have to walk. Do I want to. No. Do I feel like a spoiled brat….yes. Am I going to walk. Yes. Do I want to go work nights again. No. Do I like the money. Yes, ah the dichotomy of reality versus the fact that my body hurts all over and nothing is healing the way it should. Oh grumble, grumble.

G: Jury duty.

Weather: Simply glorious. Giant storm waves on the way. The lifeguard service has called in all seasonal guards with watercraft experience, and tomorrow the waves will be 18 feet with swells of 20.

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  1. How I will miss Ronni's blog. Even more than that, I will miss her presence. Looking at the States from over here in Germany, you might get the idea that Americans (yes, all of you) are obsessed with young, beauty, and ridiculous extremes to keep oneself looking so. Ronni and, for the most part, her readers who commented, show me that this is not so. I loved the way she stood up tall.

    I also love it that you were on Nixon's bad list. No that is something to keep dear to your heart.

  2. Nicely written.

    "...we need passion to keep us moving along into the future."

    Yes, we do. And Ronni has (had?)that passion.


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