December 10, 2007

Viewing the Day

An autumn river, November train trip, 2007.

Here we are. We’ve done Ba’s tree, and the tree is lovely. She’s so stressed out about her work, her retirement, that she is falling apart at the seams. I feel so sorry for her. All her years of work on herself aren’t working any more.

We’ve done Duck the, “Don’t get me anything for Christmas,” man.

“Not even M&M’s,” counters G.

Duck stuck his tongue out at him.

We finished the cards……all but two. There’s always that one or two that escape all your efforts. This year we need to add extra money on one to Spain, and one nephews’ address ran away from home. We have now fixed that problem.

I’m talking to Bee, showering in the 40 some degree bathroom, mailing the cards, asking the bank why they are past dues billing us for a safe deposit box that we no longer have, and going to work at the library.

Monday’s are not boring days.

Duck: After several very confused days, yesterday there were some times of sharp clarity. They always astound us now.

Me: Went to see the Golden Compass. I shan’t tell you what I think because I am a good guy. Hobbled a half mile with a stuck ankle, window shopped, visited Duck, talked with G. Ate grilled ham and cheese, thanks G. Read.

G: He’s feeling slightly better. Admits that his SAD usually runs from Thanksgiving till almost the start of baseball. It was good he was talking about it.

Weather: Blue skies; cold and remarkably clear air…..altogether stunning stuff.

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  1. You two must be feeling a bit smug just about now with most of your Xmas tasks done.


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