January 8, 2008


It’s almost time to head to the ball park.
Petco Park image:

© 2007, MGB.

We are inching our way into 2008 with a news flash or two that might catch your attention and work news for my attention:

  • The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Writing awards for 2007 are out. “Where WWW means Wretched Writers Welcome,” they say inviting you to best, “It was a dark and stormy night….” Begun in 1982 at San Jose State, the first year saw an eye opening and exciting three entries. By the second year, the campus information officer put out a press release, and all was lost to history. This delightful and enlightening page offers up a phalanx of winners for your enthralled attention plus an enriching list of other attention getting sites to amuse you. Do stop by and titillate your senses.

  • On a sadder note, The QE2’s last cruise has begun. The BBC’s coverage over the years of this iconic liner has been comprehensive, and they are offering a full history as well as reporting on this sad final QE2 cruise that began yesterday. Going from point to point by ocean liner truly was The Only Way To Cross as shown in the Liverpool exhibition and in John Maxtone-Graham’s famous book.

  • Work: It’s that time of year again. No more lazing about. If parts wear out, Oh Well. I have to shrug everything off and go to work. No more lazy hours creating. Poetry writing time is snatched from the jaws of greetings. Then again at golf, I have the wonderful green vistas and soft sunrises to keep me entertained. Right over the next fairway or green is the sea in all it’s endlessness. At baseball I not only have a chair, I have wonderful friends, and this year, I’m adding Rugby. Who knows, that too might be a lot of fun if I get my chair.

  • It’s the Buick Invitational time again. About.com’s Buick page offers a good overview, and the official City of San Diego Park and Rec Torrey Pines page offers a good slide show. A beautiful place to work and play golf. I have always worked on the South Course. Only last year did I finally make my way north by the driving range to help run the Caddy Parking with the ACE parking man. That was lively work as the caddies all think they are god.

  • After golf, I move back downtown to Petco Park, for The 2008 Sevens Rugby World Series. After that, I have two more weeks to let my knee and hip heel before training again for baseball. The Padres first home Spring Training game begins March first against the Seahawks. I’m looking forward to this, so I must not feel worn out any more.

Duck: Fell next to his bed. He got a dent in his forehead. That's all. He was very embarrassed. They didn't call G this time. I don't know if that is good or bad.

Me: Left knee went. Doctor tomorrow.

G: He’s taking Wednesday off so he can get to the dentist’s and take me to the doctor’s where maybe he can sneak his nose in too.

Weather: 62 for the high. 42 for the low. A few high clouds today followed by sun and warmer days. Amazing.

WW: The no-sugar meringue pie didn’t agree with G.

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  1. You are a busy lady. Take care of yourself. I really sympathize with the knee problems.


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