January 16, 2008

Coffee Maker Adventures

G’s early Waring Blender with its heavy glass coffee grinder attachment.

Oh, we are coffee around here. And coffee pots too. He drinks fresh ground coffee, a mild gently roasted Kona,* and he has his own small pot. My small pot sits on the counter next to his, and I drink a coffee-chicory blend a habit begun when I was searching for mild coffees. To complicate the matter, the lady who cleans for us broke the glass coffee pot part of G’s coffee maker.

She was very apologetic. I understood. Glass pots break. G was optimistic and thought he could get a new one quite easily. We began our search only to discovered we could buy a whole new coffee pot. We didn’t want to do that. We could also buy one of the old style coffee pots….which didn’t do us any good at all with out new machine. No matter how hard we searched, we couldn’t find just the glass part for the smaller new Mr. Coffee’s.

G saved his little coffee machine on a shelf in the pantry and dragged out the next size larger one. Oh yes, we have small, medium, and giant coffee pots here at the Georgette house with the giant pot looking like a rocket just setting out for Mars.

We gave up. I must admit it. The search ended. We moved on.

At Amvets last week, I spotted a whole Mr. Coffee coffee maker pot and all. Three dollars and ninety-five cents. You bet I grabbed it. I’d never thought of looking in a thrift store for the glass part of a coffee maker, nor had I though of buying a whole maker used just to get the pot.

The new glass pot was covered in hard water detritus…on the outside. G scrubbed it energetically, and over two days it was restored to new. His old coffee maker was brought out of storage and the bigger maker was impounded by me. No putting it away dirty, I told him. No coffee gunk in storage.

Come to think of it, had any of our coffee makers ever been cleaned? He makes the coffee every morning, and I know from looking inside and wiping out an innard or two, he doesn’t clean the coffee makers. How do you do it? Good old Google to the rescue.

But not today. Yes, a vinegar and water combination sounds like the answer. Think of the smell. We think not. A delightful writer is coming to dinner, and I didn’t want the house filled with the smell of steamed vinegar. It’s very difficult to dissipate that smell out from a closed winter house.

Tomorrow I will line up coffee makers on my kitchen counter. Old ones. New ones. Black ones. White ones. And following the directions in Wikihow offers….which seem the most functional to my Non-coffee-Pot-Cleaner brain, tomorrow I will steam and re-steam my home with vinegar smells.

I bet the coffee tastes better when I am done.

* The Wikipedia article on Kona coffee is disputed but does give a description of the broad outline of Kona coffee history. And I did have a five good links on how to clean coffee pots, but the wysiwyg editor didn't like them this morning. Then again, I am often frustrated by the wysiwyg editor here.

Duck: Still very social. We joined him at dinner then chatted in the living room for forty-five minutes or so. He talked of his Aunt’s home on the lake, the servants, and her personal maid…when the maid retired and moved home to Scotland, the aunt, who had become so dependent on the maid that she couldn’t function, had to be put in a mental asylum. His mother had daily help. He was amazed when G told him that when he grew up they’d had a butler, driver, bodyguard, cooks, maids plus all their families who lived in a three story apartment building in their back yard. There were even more when G’s family lived in the 45 room mansion.
Me: Knee continues. Hip is. Only a few days left to cure all my aches and pains.
G: Had a very bad day at work. First his computer ate the file he was working on as he was saving it, and then it at the backup. There’s only so many hours allotted to complete a file. He thinks the computer is dying too. It’s a cheap computer and he is a very unhappy man. Weather: 65 for the high. 44 for the low. A front is moving in just in time for the Buick Open at Torrey Pines. There will be snow in Boston. WW: Tues: Peas and carrots with coffee, half no-fat bologna and no cheese sand with veggies, V8, 2-Diet Cokes, 3-1 point cakes, hamburger steak, fresh green beans, herbed tomatoes, fudge bar: Tea with 1 point of honey. 25 points. I began using the WW points tracker, and added the meal to the Online WW points tracker on the wrong day. That is such a complicated program for my much befuddled brain. Did I say that. At least it works. I am using all the points allowed. Oh dear.

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