January 2, 2008

Food For Thought

A January first breakfast.

Ah, I’m forgotten. Weight Watchers has me registered under three different names, unfortunately all three are recognizably mine. After one of those deep searches, I found a “Contact Me” button. “Can we simplify this,” I wrote them plaintively. “I’m paying via my Visa, but I do not know which of these me’s is paying.”

Crying for help gets me out from under. No guilt if you take action, I’m told.

Yesterday we ate irresponsibly, passionately, and wantonly and abandoning our enthusiasms only this morning as we are forced by logic to return to reality. Yes, we are very overweight. Yes too, just by chance, I turned on the TV and before my horrified eyes was a bunch of appallingly fat folks doing exercise and other gruesome things. Hey, right now I’m not even able to walk much less doing everything they are doing. I know what I want to accomplish this year, and it doesn’t include taking Tylenol to go to work.

January breakfast. Two points.

A neighborhood guru suggests these tips for a healthier year. I admit to editing them down to save space. Perhaps some of these things might fit in your lives, and maybe one of them might offer food for thought:

1) Develop a Sense of Urgency. Whenever a thought comes to your mind about something you think you want to do, or an idea you want to develop, don't let it stay there. Write it down, and decide immediately to do something about it.

2) Cleanse One Day a Week.

3) Be Clear About What You Want. …Narrow it down to the three to five most important. Decide what the next action is for all of them.

4) Always Think "What's the Next Action

5) Read the Book "The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People". If you've read it, read it again.

6) Practice the 5 Tibetan Rites every morning. (The Wikipedia 5 Tibetan Rite site reeks of snake oil, but these actual movements seem to copy simple breathing and movements found in Tai Chi.)

7) Spend More Time In Person With People You Love. Think "quantity" time.

8) Create a Plan for Getting Fit in 2008. You won't succeed without a plan. Start now!

9) Pay Yourself First. Save at least 10% of what you earn this year.

10) Track All Your Expenses.

11) Work Actively to Build Your Circle of Influence. Surround yourself with positive and healthy people.

12) Drink 2 liters of water every single day.

13) Feared Things First. Every day, ask yourself "What am I avoiding today?" "What do I fear most"? Start with that.

14) In January, go for a cleanse. Go for a week eating only green smoothies. After the cleanse, keep up a diet of mostly raw foods.

15) Drink a green smoothie every single day.

16) Take a 30 minute walk every morning.

17) Journal.

18) Make a List of All the Books You've Always Wanted to Read. Narrow it down to three books. Go get them right now. Start reading one of them.

19) Spend Less Time on E-mail.

20) Go through everything you own. Simplify your life.

21) Give More…to a noble cause.

22) Be Grateful for What You Have.

23) Be Flexible. If things don't turn out the way you wanted, just readjust your approach.

24) Watch Less TV and Rent Less DVDs. Consider getting rid of your TV entirely.

25) Don't Go Anywhere By Car if You Could Walk or Ride a Bicycle.

26) Make a List of All the Things You Want to Do Every Year But Never Get to Do. Narrow it down to one or two items….make it happen.

27) Inventory Everything That's on Your Computer…Delete anything unnecessary.

Duck: He wasn’t having a good day at all. No humor, no sparkle in his eye, just a blank stare at the new calendar we brought to start the year. We discovered that he had waited all afternoon, sitting in his underwear, freezing, for the aide to give him his shower. The aide repeatedly told him 6:30 pm, and he kept starting to take his clothes off while we were there. He understands little. He remembers less, and he’s eating much less too. We have been there at his dinner hour two nights in a row watching him eat.

Me: I’m very uncomfortable. I’m making a doc’s appointment for next week, but I have to get through Sunday’s playoff game. Begun gentle yoga, gentle meditations, but can’t do them when G is home as he interrupts. Makes me laugh. I’ll practice Yoga and breathing after he has gone to work, but I am reminded that laughter is the best medicine.

G: We pigged out yesterday. Both of us having high fat, high salt, high cholesterol frittata’s at The Breakfast Place in the morning followed by WAY too many chocolate chip cookies in the afternoon. Boy it was fun. G’s tummy wasn’t happy at all. Both of us are starting WW today. Weigh in day is Monday.

Weather: 68 for the high. 43 for the low. Right now it is 53 and clear.

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  1. That omelet sures looks yummy. I can't imagine carrots for breakfast, but I have eaten wierder things for breakfast. Like leftover orange roughy! Love the list. Got to make my own.


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