January 22, 2008

A Split Decision: Daily Post: 1, 2, and 3


Goals for the week: Stop worrying. Stop fussing. Stay in the moment. Stop thinking. Be positive. Warm and dry would be nice too but probably too much to hope for. No cynicism allowed. No dreaming of work, either. Meditation and Yoga…even if for just a few moments a day.

Again, I find I’m not scheduled for the eight days of the Open. I’m left frustrated and paranoid after not getting scheduled for football. G says I am being entirely too paranoid as there is a new team in scheduling. I think they are unhappy with me. We will never know

Weather: La Jolla: Wednesday 59f/46f Few showers. Thursday: 55f/45, Showers. Friday: 58f/45f: Showers. Sat and Sunday: Downtown, chilly and windy.
Wednesday: Torrey Pines: 6am to 2pm Crew attire: Staying warm was a bit of a chore. Five layers on top, three on the bottom. For a while I even got too warm. Everyone was surprised to see me unassigned. First stop, I was assigned the men’s locker room….and they moved me from there fast. Second stop, main gate. It was fun and only a two ibuprofen day. Many chances to stretch. Stomach calmer till I got home. Great improvement. I discovered many were in my boat en re scheduling…not alone at all. Almost everyone's hours cut, assignments changed. Once I saw this, I was able to let go and enjoy. Saw lots I knew, hugged thousands it seemed.

Greatest joy was the man who got to play with Tiger at the Pro-Am. What a nice man nice he was. Delightful. He was saying this was his best day ever. Talked to the cops that worked that, and they said this man's joy made their day.

Raining now. Heavily. Leftovers for dinner that didn’t quite sit. Lunch made, G off to board meeting, I’m warm here after laying out five layers plus raincoat for tomorrow. Suit, tie, and smile. Umbrella too.

Thursday: 8am to 3pm….I was delivered at 6: Coat and Tie: One supervisor grabbed me right away…but the position began at eight. Schmoozed and waited two hours. At eight just as it started pouring rain, I found myself at the suite where I was fired last year. A chance to make good, I thought. I was warmly welcomed, wanted back at all four previous worked venues, and everyone wondered why they didn’t get me. Worked the seven hours in increasing pain…….miserable by three. Grateful for the ride to the pickup point….and G was there shortly. Tummy hated the day.

Wore: silkies top and bottom, pants, white shirt, Ironed dress shirt, black sweater, blue blazer…..and a clear rain poncho. Bought a knit cap….warm thing, and wore gloves. It poured. I was mostly dry tho the cold crept up through my feet.

Grabbed by the Wednesday supervisor to work the main gate again as the “heavy gun.” Funny.

Friday: 6pm to 2 Crew attire: Back to the main gate. I was very dingy with it being a three Aleve day. Had a delightful and functional policewoman stationed with me. Did have fun talking with the old cops, the new cops, and enjoyed all the folks I know from previous years. Three times I was put in charge…….more fool the guy who let me do that. At least CBS survived me as did the smoker who snuck in and the cell phone owner who did the same.

One nice young man hung out for half an hour before I gently asked him not to lean on the display Buick at the gate. Half an hour later I asked if there was anything I could do. His friend was in the open, his cell had gone dead, he didn’t know his friends number and couldn’t reach him as his cell was off anyway. His wife was playing tennis, and he couldn’t contact her if his cell did work……and on and on…….. All the while the assigned policewoman kept saying, “Do you know who that is…?” I kept saying that I believed in happy endings. Finally I got him in to his Cell company……..booth near us. No good. I gave him my phone and he reached his wife who reached his friends wife who called his friend. He bought a ticket and went in to wait. A happy enough ending that I got a handshake and was able to introduce him to the policewoman.

Home to shower first. Sat on a very filthy toilet. Then to Duck’s. He was enjoying Mr. Bell’s county music sing alone, (every other Friday.) When we got to the living room, there he was autonomous in his clothes again, bleeding everywhere from his rash, and he couldn’t remember G’s name for the first time calling him Philip.


  1. Alice at WintersongJanuary 25, 2008 at 1:11 PM

    It's not like you to miss a day, so I re-read today's post and noted how the day was difficult there for awhile. Sure hope you're okay.!?

  2. Mage,

    You must be EXHAUSTED by now. I am pooped just reading your schedule.

    Are you going to get a little break now? I hope so.....


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