February 11, 2008

Flat Out Fun....

....the Seven's Rugby Tournament.

The baseball field set up for baseball. For rugby, the playing field was set at an angle with the try zone going east and west. 2005.

Duck: We didn’t visit on Saturday, and he was himself for a lightening Sunday visit.

Me: Really pretty darned good all but the food….we had a glorious weekend of wanton eating.

G: Not only did he buy me an early Valentines day gift of a sewing basket at the swapmeet, he did the laundry while hitting local estate sales, taking a nap, walking, and playing on his computer. I told him NOT to do the laundry, but he pays me no attention.

The Internet: The military computer guru across the way says that everything is all screwed up since the big overseas cable went down. G had difficulty getting anywhere online over the weekend; hit and miss he described his connections. I find everything loading at the speed of a snail…if it loaded. OD doing better this morning from my view point.
Petco Park was delightful chaos. Banners and horns and costumes and fun. It was a gathering of the world, and it was the world championships time in San Diego.

Blue wigs here, dresses there….lots of dresses on big hairy bodies, decorated purple cowboy hats there, and body paint everywhere else. Everyone was flat out happy but the smokers. Many of them resented not being able to smoke where ever they could. Smiling helped move them into the smoking areas.

The UT reported, “While the Kiwi’s ran their winning streak to a record 36 matches,” and that the “paid attendance was over 32,000” this year. Ticket takers reported that over 42,000 had been presold. With often frustrated lines running from the East Village ticket booth to my entrance on Saturday, I worried a bit about this happening again on Sunday. Instead, hangovers kept many in their homes or hotel rooms until the times their teams played.

The Guest Service Representatives, GSR’s, loved the crowd. Smiling and happy, the rugby supporters paraded around the perimeter of the stadium waving flags and blowing their horns literally leaving everyone in their wakes happy too. “I love this event,” could be heard over and over again from the GSR’s. The Samoan suporters were especially flamboyant. Sadly Mexico lost 66 – 0 in their final game with Australia winning only a standing ovation from the crowd.

It was a good warm up for not just the staff, but for the building too. Maintenance workers kept saying they wish everything had been turned on a day earlier. They discovered much that didn’t work and could be seen everywhere with wrench or screwdriver in hand.

Standing in the hub of incoming employees, I was able to meet, greet, and hear all the news from our winter off. Who got fired? Who left, who is leaving, who is getting a divorce….for the good of the team, and smaller things like who was asleep on the job or sent home because of a hangover. What happened at the Superbowl too….our employees were not treated well.

Me? I was able to sit, stand, and stretch in rotation on and off both days. It worked well with only the need for one Aleve. Sitting all day is not the best thing at all, I discovered…neither is just standing. Then again after work, I was able to sit in a very soft theater seat the first day while watching “Fool’s Gold.” It had no content at all, great color, and lots of fun. There was movement and laughter and nice bodies. It’s worth seeing for all the above. Chinese dinner at the food court with M&M’s in the Theater. Little guilt ether.

Home now for many weeks, I’m determined to stretch, get off my bum and back to walking, and make sit down time too. The first exhibition games are in March, and I’m going to start my “I want to work baseball, please give me back my old schedule as there is no longer public transportation to my home” program now. Maybe they won’t want me back if I wave flags and paint my face.


  1. My comment on OD was something to the effect of.... It's a Commie plot! Cuba. No wait, it's all due to hairy bodies in dresses at the ball park!

  2. They had so much fun. So did all of us.

  3. Mage, about dieting, have you heard about "Superskinny Me," the documentary by Kate Spicer that either aired or will air on BBC? She also wrote a special to the Los Angeles Times about what dieting does to women. Maybe you could google it if this is not familiar. Her conclusions? Dieting as such as not a good idea. If you want to lose pounds, adjust caloric intake minimally (and she does say in minute amounts) each day.


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