March 28, 2008

Exhibition Game

…with Zach last year. Imagine how big he is this year. Photo: Zach’s gramma, 2007.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. Last year I posted the schedule, this year I just link to it. If you miss me, check the schedule to see where I am. Remember, I’m “shortly” of time now as of Friday’s exhibition game. Monday is opening day. I’ll be reading you, sometimes in clumps, and I may not have time to note back.
  • Duck: Another bad day. He spent his day lost between his room and the nursing station where he went to ask where George was. He wanted them to call him, many times, and told us when we got there that they blew him off. They didn’t. He wanted assurance that he wasn’t going crazy. He will only talk with George. We kept telling him that he has a disease. We haven’t been specific about the name of the disease.

    “Is my mother alive?”

    He asks that often. He knows his father is dead and that his brother, “died a long time before.” He cries. Of course he is depressed as some part of him remembers how he was before this awful disease hit him. The worst is that he’s so confused that he knows he is going crazy.

    “I don’t belong here,” he keeps saying.

    “Where do you belong?” I just had to ask.

    “Jail,” he retorted and stopped crying.

    The good days are growing rare.

  • G: He sits down to work, and before he knows, it’s lunch time. That’s the perfect kind of job. Every day I hope that his company doesn’t close, that he is able to keep this job he likes till retirement. Now if we can only get this “car guy” to exercise, life would be good. Today he packed a real lunch rather than frozen high fat and high salt. Progress.

    Today too, as on many future days, he will stop to see Duck on the way home. After a short visit there, he will stop by the house to add warm things and head for the ballpark. He’s going to drive rather than trolley. I understand. I’m just glad he got season tickets again this year. It’s the only thing he does for himself beyond gaming.

  • Me: Depressed yesterday. At the doctor’s, she prescribed Tylenol for Arthritis as well as Glucosamine Chondroitin which studies have shown helps Arthritis patients. She said to use that lotion she prescribed twice a day for two weeks, and the rash that has been driving me mad for two years should go away. She burned off a spot on my shin saying that if it wasn’t gone in two weeks, I would need to go see a Derm Doc, that it was precancerous, and that she was worried as it was on my shin. As the topper, my BP was very high.

    At the dentist’s office, everything moved right along and we were down to the last bit. You know, the grind your teeth together to check and see how everything fit stage, and I did. Snap! Off went the bottom of my other big front tooth. At I didn’t sit there and cry in my new, deep, dark hole. The dentist almost did.

    Within half an hour, he had my new temporary crown in, the assistant had found the snapped off bit, and he bravely glued the bottom bit to the tooth. Zap…….and with his little beeping light cemented it on.

    Scheduling? She wasn’t at the office when I called, again, and I was told she would be at the game office today.

  • Life moves on. I’m a little better today. The temperature downtown will be 61 degrees for the high. I will wear a turtleneck under my uniform shirt, polartec, official jacket, and all the rest of the bells and whistles. My suitcase is packed…with camera. I have two nice front teeth….no one but G and my friend Cee need know I am a patch job. I can smile, smile, and see how my hip holds up. If it does, we are on our way!

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