March 24, 2008

Miss Pettigrew

Monica: she almost single handedly got me into college the second time, 1985.

Duck: We know he missed us, but no one called us about him so it was a good day.

Me: The day magic until about four when I ran out of energy. Today the mundane like laundry, groceries…that sort of thing.

Notes: I so appreciate them. Remember, I’m “shortly” of time now. I’ll be reading you, but I may not have time to note back.

G: We had fun, and he didn’t run out of energy.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
There it was. We stayed lazily in bed, luged over coffee and the newspaper, then with me objecting went downtown to see Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day.

I was wrong. It’s a simply delightful movie. It’s a small, quiet film, carefully crafted, that left me wanting to buy it so I could see it again. We both left the theater smiling. Only later in the afternoon did we discover that “Ebert and Roper” list it as their number one pick to see this week. Sometimes small is bigger and better. This small was.

The mall was officially closed, said the one security officer, so the bathrooms were closed. The big stores with their bathrooms were also closed. “Where are we to go,” I asked. “Go anywhere, everyone else does,” he replied. Eventually we were able to use the one in the theater, but this left me curious about the legality of having the food court and theaters open and not a bathroom to be seen.

After the film, we took a few hours out to stop in furniture stores for the eldest. We would call and update her every time we found a new one, and we assured her that we could find one for her. Once she interrupted with a memory. Easter baskets….at the last moment grandmother would fill them with the mints from her cruise ships, and Marie would ask herself why the Easter bunny would leave an Easter basket with such a mean old woman.

Yes, Ikea has trundle beds, but each part is separate, and the total, including the slats, is over $600.00. Not in our budget. They are no longer carried by Sears, no beds at Bed Bath and Beyond, and even new ones at the sleazy El Cajon Blvd stores total out around $460. Not a used one to be found at Amvets, Sally’s Army, or Goodwill. The dusty, perfumed stores knocked me out and reduced me to a cranky lump.

After dinner, I was able to let it all go and just remember the magic of Miss Pettigrew.


  1. Love your drawings/doddles these last few days. Thank you for sharing them. Take care as you enter your "busy" time. I will be here, and thinking of you both and Duck.

  2. I too love your drawings--they are charming. Thank you.

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed the movie. I thought the trailer was rather intriguing.


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