April 24, 2008


Monarch of the Seas at Catalina, 2007.

Duck: His obituary will run locally on Sunday.

Me: 13 innings.

G: Finished a file. A good day at work. Bad day at meeting.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.

Cruise:Mexican Riviera Cruise Reviews.
  • I was able to walk on the one frozen-off plantar wart, but the other one the doc did left me feeling as if I had a knife in my foot. Obviously, one foot is better. Cin, my boss at the other gate did yeoman service yesterday assisting an elder handicapped couple and helping a family with a vomiting teen. Both of us were nauseated by that one. I was mildly chewed out for wearing a black turtleneck. Work was a long 13 innings and the game was lost when Hoffman allowed a homer.

  • Got shoes, socks, some odds and ends, plus the meds laid out ready to pack. Laid out clothes to wear. Cloudy and cooler says the weather report.

  • Bad day at the board meeting. G didn’t say no and is still treasurer. I said what I was thinking about this, and he didn’t speak to me. They are going to blame the whole financial mess on his lack of oversight rather than the putrid account handling by our management company…which should be fired. Other board members wanted out, then when supplanted wanted back in. And they let them keep their jobs when not on the board.

  • Duck’s obit, which has been floating around in the land of the lost since the 8th, has finally found a home. After an endless exchange of email, all probably confused by my lack of understanding of the system, I mailed one last one off with every phone number known to man on it. The account rep called G at work then hung up. When G got home and found a first message on the machine, he managed to reach her before his meeting, gave her the MasterCard number, and learned it will have a 30 day condolence book when it runs this Sunday. We will be able to access this when we get home.

  • Two more night games and two day games before we are outta here. I was second to the last person out last night. My feet were taking it personally.


  1. Dear Mage,

    I feel so sorry about your feet. Please just stick it out till you get on board the beautiful ship. Then you can put your feet up and rest them.

    Enjoy everything about the cruise. Forget your diet for 5 days and order whatever you want. You deserve it.

    Tell us all about it when you get back. We'll be waiting...

    I have no idea about your foot problems but whenever I had a sore on my foot my Dad always took me to Atlantic City and had me walk in the ocean for a long time. It usually made the sores better.

    See if you can get some salt water on your foot. Just thinkin.......

  2. Hope your foot gets better. Plantars warts can be very painful. Soon you will be relaxing and enjoying the ocean breezes and some yummy meals.

  3. A friend from Slovenia told us a way to get rid of warts. Take a thread and wind it around the wart or the area where the wart is. Make three knots in the thread. Bury the thread in the ground. Three weeks later, your wart is gone.

    It doesn't cost anything, except a piece of thread. I can't explain it, but a wart of mine did go away after this (I had been trying everything from laser to vitamin e for several years). Doesn't make sense. The engineer in my hesitates even to write this. But there are definitely no adverse side effects. So, why not, dear, just give it a try.

  4. Love your new header photo. Is that the ship you will be going on? Have a wonderful time. Come back renewed with wings on your feet and lots of energy.

  5. Dear friends......thanks for the enthusiastic send off. Yes, Lilalia, I will try that. Might be less painful that having them burned off. Yes, deserts. I can hardly wait. Added padding is in all my shoes, and I am ready to go. Three more days. I'll take acres of photos and bore you for years.

    Thanks for being here.....mage

  6. Since I'm just catching up my reading (6 classes this session at Osher are a bitch! never again.) I feel as though I'm going with you, but I count the days and know you're already home. I hope we have a great trip as I continue to catch up. I'll know when I get to the end. Crossing my fingers!


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