May 16, 2008

Adaptability the New Functionality

At work from above, 2007.

Gratitude: That I didn’t burp enchilada’s all night. You really needed to know that. The sun is out. Glad I found that video.

Useful: My favorite catch word for years was “functional.” Everything had to be functional. Finding ways to adapt at work will be most functional of all.

Better Fitness: Waiting. I need to walk and do my leg lifts before I fall all apart but instead, I am waiting and meditating.
  • Heat: The weird virus the kids and I had in the seventies lingers to react badly to heat. Still. Our latest heat wave starts today, and I confess that I’m hiding in the cool of the house finally facing my cutting errors on the red quilt. The errors can be turned into a border….nothing wasted.

  • Review: The review I’m writing of our cruise is to for a particular market, All morning I labored. Just before I was to leave for lunch, I found Ronni Bennett’s entry “A Personal Lesson in Elder Adaptability.” Of course, after reading this I could see my experience in a new light. My tiredness on this trip is the result of a lack of adaptability at work.

  • Adaptability: After reading Dr. Thomas’s article, ”Pinnacle of Adaptation,” on how we adapt to life as we grow older, I see that I need to alter how I face work, how I think of work, and how I physically interact with my job. Work is something I still need to do, so I need to make changes to survive work.

    I note with some degree of amusement that I’ve already made some changes. I no longer say “Good Night” to every single fan that leaves through my gate. It was a very positive to do that distracted them from the fact that I was watching for beer leaving the ballpark not paying attention to them. I’d lose my voice every year. So far I’m just hoarse. Progress.

  • Baseball: They still aren’t winning.

    My friend Marion bought a magical, giant, big screen TV just to watch baseball. Now you can see and count every blade of grass and every seam on every ball as it arks through the sky. Unfortunately, our team isn’t winning and balls aren’t arching through the skies. She’s finding new things to watch during the games… admiring their physiques, enjoying the fans faces, and counting salt on the pretzels.

  • New: Adaptability also includes using new tools and using new thinking…such as buying today’s Narnia tickets online. Why drive when you can wiggle your fingers. They charged me a buck a ticket to process the ticket’s online, but It would have cost more than two bucks for me to drive to the theater to purchase the tickets then drive back later to see the show.

    Amazing. Gosh, It worked.

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