May 4, 2008

Day 4: at sea day

Restaurant in San Juan on the Sea Of Cortez, 2008.

Today is the fourth day of our cruise, Thursday, a sea day after a day in Cabo San Lucas and San Juan.

We started our day with a mile on the walking track for the “On Deck For the Cure”…walking for the Susan B Koman Foundation. I won’t do the 3 Day because of their mandatory fund raising requirements plus the months of training, but I could do this even in the biting cold wind at the bow of the ship. G walked with me holding my hand to steady me as the ship dropped out from under us or swayed side to side.

Mage and the Cruise Director, Stuart Dunn, after walking for the cure.

After that, G helped me set up the laptop in the Internet Space, and I got some blog entries written while G explored. Later, we explored together cameras in hand. After a light lunch, I read my book while G explored some more. All those decks and all that early Farcus Vegas could be easily overwhelming. I focused on the ocean.

In the Artium with Freddie Funnel….just like being at Petco Park with Blue Mews and Red Ruff.

The atrium…….never boring.

The Drama Bar, not boring either and one of the few places were one could relax with ones feet up out of the sun and wind… to a window view, of course. We didn’t find any lounges with plugs for the laptop. I did use the Internet Café, and we did bring a power strip to be able to access the laptop in our room as well as charging all our multitudinous number of batteries.

Imagine this, we didn’t photograph the dining room. Not at all. I don’t know why. We did get a few shots of Tiffany’s, the buffet where we ate breakfast, sometimes grabbed lunch, and often snacked. You do not need to know that we ate bacon by the handful in the mornings. We used real butter at any and all meals. We ate deserts…….sugar lunch, sugar snacks, and sugar after dinners. Once I even had an extra scoop of ice cream albeit not without those feelings of guilt. Perhaps we were so Farcus focused, we missed shooting the quiet spots. There were a few including one off to the side of the atrium.

Breakfasts: After my first meal which didn’t sit quite right, I skipped the eggs for breakfast and devolved to my usual bread, butter plus added bacon. We always san near a window and focused ourselves outward. Dinners were excellent tho small, so I often had a cup of soup, the Caesar salad, entrée, and desert. In five days there were only two failures…..not bad for mass cooking. One watery soup and one overly fishy fish in 25 meals. Not bad at all.

Yes, sea days were reading and photography days. In the afternoons and evenings, we went to the games and shows our glasses in hand….or water bottles, and we attended all the early shows that fit my early to bed schedules. G stopped in at the casino most nights, and he broke even for the trip. We thought later that it would have been nice to have an outside cabin.

Horse Racing at the Drama Bar. Yes, there were hundreds here cheering on delightfully named hobby horses dash forward at the spill of the dice.

Our inside cabin was much larger than the last one we had aboard the Monarch of the Seas. Half a soft bed…the other not quite as soft, very soft robes, an attentive cabin steward, a good sized bathroom, all done in resolute peaches to keep us moving. We didn’t stay long in our cabin, but the steward kept it spotless…plus amused. Perhaps this is a Ninja Rabbit? Down the halls, one side was decorated with metal panels of famous ships. Each cabin also has one in plastic to cover a gentle cabin light, this in our cabin was the Leviathan. An educated guess on my part.

Laundry tomorrow. Sleep too. We ate out last night, and dinner eaten here at home kept me moving all day today to and from the lady’s room. Not the ship food…amazingly that sat well. I’ll write more of the last two days and a quickie review when I can fit it in between laundry and laundry rounds tomorrow.

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  1. Well, I've certainly enjoyed it. Except IIIIIIIIIIIII didn't get any food at all!


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