May 15, 2008

Lunch at Nati's

Chips and almost guacamole, Ensenada, 2008.

Gratitude: That the weather is cool this morning. That Marie called yesterday. That G and I had a lot of fun last night. Did I say it was a really good day. Eating more normally at last: chili, corn bread and salad last night. So tired of bread and butter.

Useful: I’ve got a work morning appointment with the Orthopedic guy Tuesday the 27th. Going to Nati’s for lunch today.

Better Fitness: Waiting. Taking action on my own behalf. My BP was just fine last doc visit. This is great.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.
Nati’s is a local institution with it’s high wooden ceiling and beautiful bricked shade patio. It’s a Mexican restaurant owned by a gringo and manned by Hispanics and beach bums alike. Sometimes I worry that it’s peopled only by the old and grey, that it will fade away as it’s customer base ages, but I bet I eat there at all the wrong times of the day to see all the customers.

Today I’m having lunch with the “Old Grey Poet’s Society”….not all of which are old or grey. They are a delightful bunch that meets once a week by a window at Nati’s to read something they have written and get extra care from ladies who know how to craft a sentence.

How I got invited to join them, I do not know, but I’m honored. Here they encourage me to write more and don’t mind my memory lapses. They cheer on my comma and apostrophe misfortunes, and gloss over my spelling errors. They tell me I am missed when I am at work, and they smile at my amateurish writing attempts. Slowly I’m catching on.

Today I am taking with me my attempt at a cruise review. More personal than actual review, I have permission to use Peter Knego’s name, and Ive incorporated a quote from author and liner enthusiast P. C. Kohler……with permission. Factual details make the whole seem more factual than fictional. I’m submitting it to the web site “The Elder Story Telling Place,” and later will post it on my own pages.

Perhaps the sun will come out while we are at lunch at Nati’s and warm the words as well as the company. What more could we want.

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  1. Love the photo. Delicious. Sounds like a fine group of people. Can't imagine anything more generous than overlooking those grammar and spelling mistakes. I have the same fears when printing my blog posts. Looking forward to reading your story in TGB.


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