June 22, 2008


Desert outside Las Vegas, 2006.

G: Again, stomach, but better.

G’ette: Still some IBS after a late lunch or early dinner. Deciding what to do with Snapfish. I like HP vs the wall to wall ads at Photobucket. I will continue to reduce my bandwidth tho by removing photographs I don’t want prints of or don’t use. Even if I go with a month to month format, instead of event format or subject format, I will still post 365 photos on Snapfish a year.

Temperatures: Here’s a Temperature conversion chart for folks like me that get confused between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
Ho ho ho……it’s errand time. The temperature’s are supposed to be ten degree’s cooler today. That’s a blessing for those of us who live along the coast. Life inland will still miserable with temperatures rising into the hundreds, or 43 plus degrees Celsius. These wonderful folks will all be heading to the beach, Sea World, or the beach and taking all the parking places.

  • I want to chance heading out into the world this morning. He needs a Bluetooth capable hands off something for the car. He doesn’t want a headset as he wears one all day at work….his choice, mind you, to listen to music. On July first, the no cell phone usage in cars will become mandatory. The first ticket will be 97 dollars, but if you get a second the fine will rise to $211.00.

  • Then there’s the issue of “the Bathing Suit.” I’m going to need one very soon. Once the stretchy stuff in a suit begins to go, and mine are almost ten years old, they die rapidly. Both mine have begun this rapid decline with their little bits of fuzzy white elasticity hanging out in clumps for all to see. Yes, I was good. I checked all the ads in the Sunday Paper. Two sports stores are having sales that bring their workout suits down comparable with Costco. Costco is twenty. If I can find a size 18 at any of the three sites, I will be well ahead of the lap.

  • It was 89 degrees in my shaded driveway yesterday when we got home from visiting Marion B, and I, the fat lady, was reminded that I own only two pair of shorts. One pair is now in the wash. Perhaps it might behoove me to wander through Ross, JC Pennays, or Tarjay where the Summer stock is now marked down to 60 or 70% off. Maybe by the end of the day, I could own three pair of shorts. Imagine that.

Oh, boy, Frye’s. You can hear G wind up for the occasion. I can bring a book and sit in the café. Later you can find me here creating a good photo or two from the Megan Graduation images.


  1. Been having problems with seeing your photos, but it now seems solved. I've gotten into the habit of ordering bathing suits from Lands End. Can't take standing in those shrilly lit changing rooms in poorly fitting bathing suits with my underwear showing.

  2. I found some great swimsuits on sale at AlwaysForMe.com - brand names up to 75% off. Picked up a cute 3 pc style for $19.75. I love a bargain :)


  3. It was my wonderful, ten year old, Land's End suits that suddenly wore out. I found a Speedo that fit a la my red lifeguard suit in 1983 at a sporting good store, and I found the perfect suit,X back, black for nine bucks at Ross Dress For less. I too love a bargain, but I will remember this new Speedo forever.

    Only one piece suits work well in Water Aerobics. I watched one lady with a two piece LE suit struggle to keep it down, and I watched another struggle with a suit that had a skirt. The aerobics certainly are a reality check en re suits.


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