July 7, 2008

Food, Beeuteeful Food

The deck.

G: He rode the bike three miles, got the garage organized, and was only a bit of a grump. He announced that we were eating simple foods, and I asked him to go find out the number of points we could eat via online Weight Watchers. Groceries and helped with the laundry.

G’ette: Garage…..laundry, reading, got the upstairs cleaned up, menus and shopping for the week. Off all pain meds for the hip. Very exciting.

Weather: Very thick, pea soup, night and morning fogs. Warm day yesterday and today.

Menus: Breakfast: Measured cereals with rice milk or toast. Lunch: Him WW frozen, fruit, carrots/Me: half sand with no fat cheese, V8, olives or another side. Dinner tonight: Measured spaghetti and 2 meatballs, salad, ices.

Gypsy Spirit's Cruising Adventure: Gypsy Spirit is right now at sea heading to the South Seas aboard the P&O Pacific Sun. You can follow her travels on the cruise cam.
  • Again, please let me know if the pictures don’t show. Thanks.

  • Every night I attempt to work a little more on the Nazi Architecture piece. It’s up to 6 pages with footnotes now. I continue fascinated by the topic as I read more. There was deliberate destruction of many of the neo-classical structures, there was deliberate destruction of the mountain cabins done in the folk style
    for Hitler and his top henchmen. I realize why this was done, but it was still a great loss historically to have these structures bombed then deliberately wiped off the face of the earth. Much of either style of architecture that was behind the iron curtain remained intact after the war. Many structures were rehabbed, the eagles and swastikas removed, and the buildings were reused.

  • Giving back: I’m trying to get back to a balance of living simply, exercising, giving back to the world, and creating. I always feel best when I live like this. G is content to work then come home and be a lump. I’m not. I’ve found my brain stops working if I do nothing. I see I have found two choices that have captured my attention. I can volunteer at the Cancer Society Thrift Store. Would I have to stand all the time I am there? I would think so. Or back to the SDHS and Museum. I don’t always approve of the current archivist’s policy on ephemera, but I love the people who work there. That could be a sit down job. I’ll email on that today.

  • I’m feeling better at last. Little coughing today at all. Energy again. I rode the bike 3 miles yesterday. Yes my fat tummy got in the way of my reading while biking, but reading has to be better for you than watching TV.

  • I don’t know if we are having one of our nephews and his wife here for the four day Comic-Con or not yet. I’m sure they will email us as soon as they know. We do have Friday confirmed with Mohave, and Sunday confirmed with Beth. She’s flying in Saturday night from the east coast, we will pick her up at the airport, and she will sleep over. We will have a ball Sunday, see Butterflies, and take her home after the day at Comic-Con. Me? There’s chairs everywhere at the Convention Center. I’ll walk a little, sit a lot, walk a little more, and take an ibuprofen with me. This will be the first big test of my post retirement hip.

  • Food: Frankly I will be stealing menus from SoCalFrank as long as he cares to post them. I’ve been planning menus for fifty some years, and my muse is failing me. That salad he wrote about for lunch sounded great. Dinner ditto. We will probably have those next week. Why? Sitting and eating my cold away put on pounds. G’s clothes are straining their seams, and I won’t tell you their sizes except to say they are in the larger limits again. Mine too. Enough, he said. Ok, I said.

    1. Quiche, green salad.
    2. Spaghetti and salad…two meals. One cup pasta.
    3. Twice baked potatoes, small, lemoned broccoli
    4. Cajun chicken breasts with mango salsa, parsleyed green beans


  1. Yup, red box again.

    Hope you manage to feel up to going to the Comic show. Love to hear what it is like.

  2. table looks lovely and menu sounds yummy. Giving back is something I need to think about and try harder at doing. thank you for helping me remember this.

  3. Love the table and setup. Can I stop by for lunch? It would be lovely, I'm sure.


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