August 21, 2008

Twitter 5

Twenty tall ships came into the harbor yesterday. Here’s a long view of masts from the Eagle and the Star of India.

Himself: Vastly better. Walked two miles, after I suggested he do only one for the first week, and wasn’t ok.

Herself: Got shredded in writing class. Need to rewrite both the Comic-Con piece and the latest poem.

Food: Ate too much chocolate.

OD Friends: Please keep OD friends Marion B, Dave Dog, and Thomas in your thoughts. Thank you.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.
  • Nine lower participating employees were fired/laid off from G’s company yesterday. That’s not good at all. The excuses were flimsy, like overproduction, and tho G was offered a promotion I wonder if he too will soon be looking for another job.

  • We do have “passports” to get on all twenty of the tall ships that are in harbor this week. For me this is very exciting. I’m like a small kid with a new toy….new things to take pictures of. We actually came home and got my camera then drove downtown last night for a quick glimpse.

    At home, after a long search, he found my old camera with its discs. His big disc died at the wedding. All my old discs will fit his camera. He’s back in business. Me, he unearthed never seen images from Christmas 2007 and baseball 2007 on those discs. I’ll check them out later today.

  • I’ll post more as the day goes on. I’m off to the pool now…..perhaps to recover from the too much chocolate yesterday. Waving chocolate in front of an addict isn’t a good idea. I’m the addict, and I ate it all………what G didn’t eat, that is.

The Gloria seen past the bowsprit of the USCG’s training ship Eagle.

  • 0934: Back from the pool and feeling only a little bit the fool. They all seem so wise and I seem so easily confused when I’m in the water. Today I confessed to the instructor that I’d had a stroke when I was fifty. Then I went into the office to find out about personal trainers, another thing the doc wanted me to do, and hadn’t a memory of what the doc and said. I have to get written approval to talk with the trainer. Can I explain anything? No. It would be counter productive to pull out my hair.

  • 1011: The World Beard & Moustache Championships 2007: The Winners

  • 1228: Whacked 32 email down to 4, and ate a Kudos’ bar. Why am I sabotaging myself, is all I could ask. I need to look up the points and see what damage I did. Finger too.

  • 1352: G writes, "Got a 3% raise. WOW. 60 cents an hour."


    1. The tall ships sound like such a romantic outing. I'm sure there is a photo to be taken with each turn of the head.

      Hope the personal trainer helps. When you say you get confused, is it up and down confused, or you just don't know how to move your limbs together?

    2. I envy you the tall ships. I always wanted to see them and never made it even tho I lived near NYC for several of their visits.

      Don't beat yourself up about the chocolate. We addicts always do that (eating and beating up). Tomorrow is another day.

    3. Thans, arms and legs get confused. At least I'm old enough to laugh about it.

      Yes, Ruthe.....and yesterday was warm breadsticks with butter. I have to alter my thinking.


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