August 11, 2008

California Home

An out of focus bride’s family.

Us: Home. Our own bed was heaven.

Travels: Next trip to Northern California via the rail museum in Sacramento and home via San Francisco.

OD Friends: Please keep several of our OD friends in your thoughts: Marion B who is finishing the last of her book and waiting for a prognosis, Dave Dog, who is home again, and Thomas. who is playing with his oysters. Thank you.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.
We are home after a lightening family visit, airports, stuff, and mild adventures. G had fun exploring, and I had fun taking pictures of everything around us.

Photographs of the reception were not a success as mine were ALL out of focus, and G’s SD disc vanished into Microsoft programming on Jay’s computer. At least we got the photos copied before the disc bit the dust, and were able to make a CD from the images.

I’ll be back. In a day or so, I’ll be here with a few out of focus images and tales of the beautiful land and awfully nice family that are Utah for us.

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