August 25, 2008

A Day at the Races

The Old and the New, August Festival of Sail, 2008.

Himself: Positive, taking it all with a grain of salt, smiling, positive they will keep some parts of the customer service base here. Coworkers commenting that it will be a month then all the work will be outsourced to Mexico City. Computers being moved down there now.

Herself: Taking it all with depression. I do very poorly when my economic surety is threatened.

Food: He lost two pounds all week, and I lost none. Nothing like two days of eating, and eating, and eating to show on the scales despite doing real exercise.
The sun shone. I was with G….I mean, what more could I want.

I was surrounded by families with kids who were expecting to be laid off. Surrounded by employees who had moved down from Northern California and were looking to be laid off. Surrounded by uneaten box lunches of those who RSVP’d and didn’t come. I succumbed to the gloom and doom of the day.

The food was good, so good we ate two of Marie Callender’s brownies as well as her pasta salad, roast beef sandwiches, and all those other goodies.

G didn’t. Once we walked away from the sparse employee gathering, he perked me up with his good attitude saying that he felt some services would be kept here. While the other’s are counting their days, he keeps on doing the special projects for one of the Director’s. As we leaned against a fence near the track, a group of racing horses literally thundered by. The ground vibrated, the crowds roar grew to a crescendo, and just for a moment I was swept along too.

We each had bet a dollar. We didn’t win, but just for a moment it was fun.

Festival of Sail

We had started our Saturday ship walk at the far end with the 151 foot, 1987 Polish built, brigantine rigged ship Kaisei. She sailed for 14 years as a global ambassador from Japan with crew from 26 countries. Now she sails her steel hull for Ocean Voyages Institute working off the coast of Southern California and reaching into the South Pacific.

STS Kaisei

Ocean Voyages Institute: Kaisei

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