August 24, 2008

Festival of Sail 2008 1

The USCG Eagle along side the San Diego Embarcadero, 2008.

Himself: Wonderful time seeing ships. We had an interesting dinner with the FF……the original seven of us. Ate Greek with baklava. 217 ship pictures.

Herself: Equally wonderful time with ships. Did have a pear crepe with vanilla ice cream on top for desert. 468 ship pictures.
Food: Oh well. Sometimes all you can do is laugh and move on. The food was simply great all day. Not all Weight Watchers with an Anthony’s fish sandwich with slaw by the bay for lunch, and Athena lemon Chicken for dinner in PB. There was a brownie in there too. Simply delightful……oh well.

OD Friends: Please keep OD friends Marion B, Dave Dog, and ThomaS in your thoughts. Thank you.
I tried to be orderly about this ship picture taking stuff, but of course orderly didn’t work. I’d take a picture of the ship, of the ships name, then have a ball taking more pictures of the ship before moving on to the next ship and taking more pictures.

I would have to stop then, collapse a moment, mutter at the doctor who said I wasn’t to walk as exercise, stretch, and take a bunch of pictures out of order. Shame on me. Today I am enjoying the “out of order” anyway.

Eagle: Running rigging and the wheels.

Eagle: Bow machinery and a sail at the stern.

The ships ranged in length from the America’s Cup racers Stars and Strips and Abracadabra, both at 79 feet, up to the Eagle’s magnificent 295 foot length. At every ship I tried to ask questions as well as take photographs. On the Eagle, for example, I asked the kind USGC Auxiliary officer what parts of the ship remained original. The main cabin with it’s exquisite joinery is still as constructed, and the officer recommended several books on the Eagle that I might enjoy.

Eagle: Bridge and Captain’s seat on the Port Bridge wing.

Eagle: The galley and food service area.

I visited all but two of the ships. Then very tired, I rested in the shade while sitting on a cannon. G took pictures of the last two ships, HMS Bounty and The America, then it was home, change, and head to Pacific Beach to further ruin our diets for the day. Yes, it was delightful to share an evening with these special old friends who weren’t in the least interested in old ships but were enthusiastic none the less.

A short, YouTube “behind the scenes video” of life aboard the Eagle.

US Coast Guard Cutter Eagle Barque Of Saviors: Eagles passage from the Nazi navy to the USCG The Skipper and the
Refitted her in 1946 and brought her home through a hurricane.

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  1. What a thrill it must have been. I also find it difficult to document clearly, photograph wisely, and just plain enjoy myself all at once. It is just asking too much of our brains.


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