October 14, 2008


Marie and MJ the day we delivered the mixer. 2008.

Himself: He spoils me. Then when we got to his favorite shoe place, he couldn’t find any of his Josef Seibel’s.

Herself: Did all the usual Monday things while nursing bursitis in the “good” knee. Can I remember what I’m supposed to do for the bursitis? No? No. So I sorted fiction and poetry. Turned leftover chicken into enchiladas with rice and a green salad. Delicious but too much food.

Food: Green beans, half a cheese sandwich plus olives, enchiladas – rice – salad – WW sorbet.
As parts of me begin to wear out, I begin to look for alternatives. For instance, purses can be hard work when one hand isn’t happy. I reached into my closet to discover I only had one backpack-purse. When I went to the store to look for a new one, maybe in a nice warm, buttery brown or tan, there weren’t any.

They’re not fashionable any more.

That didn’t stop me. Over the next few days, I started looking at the low-end stores like Ross. None there. Bottom end shoe stores were next….we did that after dinner yesterday, and they too didn’t have any. Penney’s were out, but they had a zinger of a red felt bag that I will go visit a second time. Target had two……..a dead, dark brown, and a lifeless looking black one both with tan stitching. Next up, TJ Max and Marshall’s. TJ Max has a lot of pretty stuff, but no backpacks.

You can see this could become endless.

G got a chance to visit Circuit City while I was Maxing out. That was good. But the no Josef Siebel’s at the shoe store left us both thinking we might have to move on to real stores. A scary thought. Then again, everyone seems to be having fire sales because of the economy, so we might find what we need at a slightly reduced price. One can hope.

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  1. Somehow all my backpack type purses disappeared when I moved. I must have got rid of them. I now would like one, they are so handy when going to events like fairs. I hate carrying a purse, I really hate when its always falling off the shoulder, or spilling when yoyu lean over!


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