October 17, 2008

Secrets in the Skies

Barn near Ukiah, 2008.

Himself: Got angry at me too. Then we started over and the day got better.

Herself: Had a horrible day. My fault….I cannot let people, places, and things upset me at the cellular level as I did yesterday. I’ve consulted several experts on this, and all say that I need to let it go. Forgot to mention, had flu shot on Costco day. Insurance paid…..we were so pleased. Today: Swim, Cancer Society, Enchilada’s, rice and beans for dinner. I like my enchiladas.

Food: Green beans, bowl of chips, tostada, soup, corn bread, too much butter. Gotta get the truck out on the street ASAP as we hope they will come back for a third try at fixing the driveway.
Stress will do it to you….or a flu shot. Both G and I were yawning by eight thirty last night, and we were happily tucked in bed by nine.

We both woke at four. A stealth aircraft, probably the Fed-Ex giant that usually lands around three, snuck into the airport almost silently as we spooned. I wish I had a flashlight strong enough so I could shine it on the hull and find out which company was landing at that hour. Can’t you see me? I’ll be peering over the balcony rail, flashlight in hand, shining my light up through the trees and calling out into the night, “It’s Fed-Ex.”

Once a few months ago, I woke early and with my head on the pillow watched a low flying aircraft move almost silently overhead toward Los Angeles. Who knows what else we might see if we keep our eyes turned up toward the stars. Halloween is almost upon us. There’s magic in the air. If we are careful about how we watch, we lowly Muggles might see secrets in the night skies above us we’ve never seen before.

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