October 25, 2008

That Special Feeling

A line of Cable Cars wait their turn on the table. 2008.

Himself: Had a good day but still being very negative about his coworker. Thai dinner with Marion B…….She had fun, there was MSG in the food. Restaurant #1’s food was better tho the d├ęcor in restaurant #2 was charming.

Herself: Swam. Priced Christmas Cards and took in donations…..which I love, Dinner with MB and G…..then decompression time. Daughter Marie was approved for the dentistry work. They have been saying no for 4 years to only pulling the top. She had all but four of the bad teeth out yesterday, and I woke at 4 worrying about her. Soon she won’t look quite so battered, soon she will feel better with all that rot out, and soon she will be able to eat anything again.

Food: Green beans. Jelly sand, V8, Coke. Thai tea, friend veggies and shrimp, beef broccoli, and MSG.
I’ve been looking forward to this day all week. We are stopping by an estate sale or two….probably pro-forma…tho I am looking for Volume I of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. We are stopping by our travel agent and getting ourselves in financial difficulties. We are looking for gas under three bucks a gallon. We are looking for one bigger suitcase for this upcoming long trip. I did see a good sized American Tourister at the Cancer Society store yesterday. Later we have dinner scheduled with the Fanatical Feasters at Olive Garden. There’s nothing authentic about this place, but the food sits well.

Me? I’m really just looking forward to being in G’s company. He gives me that special feeling.

The sun is out already showing thin strands of gold through the leaves. The sky is a watery blue. I’ll take that. A runner or two pass us by as I whack the keys. It’s supposed to be a hot day here in paradise so we will slather on sunscreen and go out to play in it.

An inside look at one of the original Cable Cars. This one needs to go in for rehab.

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