October 15, 2008


Barn on Orr Springs Road, 2008.

Himself: After dinner, we did Target again…got two movies he was looking for the previous day, Salvation Army, and Curves…a used large ladies clothes store.

Herself: Knee better. Swam, started lentil soup in crock pot, worked on two fiction and three poetry pieces until I started falling asleep at the keyboard. Dinner and bag hunting….found two at Curves. I’m now buying any back pack purses that I find. Watched a movie.

Food: One of the swimming ladies suggested that I cook Paula
Deens “Sausage and Lentil soup” in a crock pot. The results were better than successful tho I forgot to add the spinach. Today WW, tonight Costco hot dogs.
  • There was a long, lovely email to greet me when I got up this morning. The Campo family...Mom Ellie, Dad Guy, and granddaughter Beth, did have to evacuate in the dark of yesterday morning because of the Campo fire. I had just reached the limit of my “staying out of the way” and was ready to write them when their post arrived. They had loaded themselves plus three dogs and five cats, all kenneled, in the back of the van, and headed down their dirt road. The fire department was staged to fight the fire right there at the end of their road. By nightfall, the fire was out, and they were allowed home….a way too exciting day.

  • Not exciting here. I took one step out of the normal and went by the Point Loma Continuing Education campus to pick up a class schedule. They have “Landscape Drawing….on location,” “Landscape Painting,” “Figure Study”….what happened to “Life Drawing,” and a “Painting with Color” class. The stuff of daydreams. I don’t know if I have the energy for one more class or not, but I can dream.

  • Today I am taking another Marion to the writing workshop with me. She was a Professor at SDSU, and now is a world traveler and writer. She fell on the way to a lecture two weeks ago, and broken ribs, broken elbow, and a concussion have really slowed her down. I’m really concerned about getting her into Grumpy. Getting into a pickup truck is an art form even if the truck is low. With no ribs, no head, and one arm, it’s not going to be interesting. I’ll go down and practice different ways of getting into the truck before I go get her. I’ll take a stool too….but it might be too wobbly. We will see.

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  1. Which of the courses would you take if you were feeling up to it?


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