November 29, 2008

Grumpy Hitches a Ride

Grumpy hitching a ride in 2007. One alternator in 14 years aren't bad odds.

Himself: Out into the throngs made him a happy man. He bought an 80 buck Norelco at the Doorbuster price of 20, and bought me a black sweater set for 50% off. Made 17 dollars of impulse purchases to help the economy also.

Herself: Not happy with Grumpy. Hand mucho better. Legs like sausages plus hives. Trying another fiber. I will win with this.

Balance: Only 40 people have given toys to the Salvation Army Toy Drive to replace the thousands that were flooded. We will do something about that today.

I was really a good person yesterday getting the house and me together early. When I got to the thrift shop, I discovered that most of the regulars were gone for the day, and I was one of a few working their regular schedules. There were few donations for me to sort also tho the store was crowded with shoppers.

Leaping in Grumpy for the ride home, there was no light on the clock and I noticed the headlight switch was on. It hadn’t sounded its warning buzz to tell me I had left it on. Two gauges were not working either, but the radio was singing right along.

Yes, I thumped the dashboard with my brace. That’s the tried and true quick fix if it is a dashboard problem. It didn’t work. You have to laugh sometimes. Better than crying. The truck ran. I honked the horn. One light came on as did one gauge and the clock light. The engine started.

He almost stalled out turning into the complex. I pulled him in, ignored him through the most delightful Bee visit, and told G all when he got home.

“It was running out of juice,” said my own, personal service manager.

He’ll be towed to the dealer this morning.

Later in the day:

You know he is laughing at me.
Someone, presumably the driver operator, that's me, unknowingly pushed the cabin light switch to off. Not only did that turn the interior lights off, it turned the dashboard lights off as well as the emergency buzzer that let you know the headlights were still on.

Ah nothing like being humble in public. My very own service writer diagnosed that Grumpy's battery went so dead that the truck barely ran.

For this I am responsible.

G drove the truck all day, and I groveled appropriately.


  1. Ouch, the question is whether Grumpy can forgive your presumption that he was at faulth?

  2. Don't worry about it. Glitches like this keep us humble.


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