November 18, 2008

Lunch Break

The Carrier Stennis returning from her latest tour of duty just as I arrived on top of the point.

Himself: New boss starts training him today.

Herself: Monday: Ran errands. Leftovers for dinner. Tuesday: Read with book on pillow. Doc. Schedile surgery. Home, read, dinner too tomatoey. You would things I could cook better at my age....she says smiling.
Probably Linda Kay, from OD, poked at my subconscious and freed me from my routines yesterday. After errands and errands….you know those mundane things that have to get done on occasion…like grocery shopping, I packed a book, a sandwich, and a diet coke up to the top of the Point.

Watched the world. Magic to just sit for a while.

Then, delightfully relaxed, I ran more errands.


  1. Don't want to jinks the situation, but I'd thought I mention that I have been able to see all of your photos and no red boxes (!), not one, for over a week now. We are on a run!

  2. Oh! Nice new look!


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