November 9, 2008

A Picture Perfect Day

Grampa with MJ yesterday.

Himself: He didn’t feel well after lunch and came home to nap.

Herself: Felt less like I had beaten myself up. Looked hard for a long black blingy dress for the cruise.

Food: I ate wildly for the second day. Grape Nuts and rice milk, Hamburger, fries, root beers, grilled cheese sandwich, olives, diet coke.

Using as a spurious excuse that we were going to Amvets, we dropped off the giant armload of Christmas wrapping papers we found at an estate sale to Marie. Of course I took my camera. I waved at Gin and Toad too….those High School friends who live just a few blocks from Marie. We didn’t stop. He wasn’t feeling well by the time lunch ended.

Yes, Amvets…why not keep an eye out for Christmas requests while we were waiting for her to finish grocery shopping this beautiful sunny day.

“She’d like a little bike with training wheels,” Marie said. “One of those boxes that hold Barbie dolls too…..if you see one.”

Of course the magic Grampa found a Bright Pink Barbie bike with training wheels for just 12 bucks. No Barbie box tho.

We helped lug in the groceries, had lunch, got gas at $2.45 a gallon, and headed home so he could nap.

Nope, had to stop in at Roger’s bike shop first. Yasko didn’t charge him a dime to fix the bike and air the tires. Pink tassels for the handlebars are on order, and G bought a pink bell guaranteed to drive her mother mad.

Then he napped.

Grandkids Dan and Mohave on Dan’s birthday.

G’daughter Merry watching her brother Dan open goodies.

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