November 19, 2008


Old dory on dock, Shelter Island work boat basin. 2008.

Himself: Found his pants a wee bit tight. Began exercising and sit-ups. I cut down food portion sizes and we lived. He checked out the Tar-jay sales. He bought me some new, warm sweats.

Herself: I’ll keep my hand quiet for a week and a half. One finger typing. Amazing the number of typos. Changed allergy list to reflect that Marcaine works. Calling for surgery today: must be so G is with me for two days. I was younger last time. Learned that surgeons routinely put Lidocaine in wounds before they close. See Pulmonary surgeon tomorrow and will discuss Lidocaine with him too. One has to be one’s own advocate.

This morning, I’ve spent am hour online looking for a link to the Adopt A family program offered through our local Salvation Army. I found hundreds of thousands of links, but not one here to the Salvation Army. Nothing like a little confusion to jump start my day en re Google. Frankly, I’m fuzzy enough without help from Google.

We aren’t having Thanksgiving with family or friends this year, and Both G and I liked the idea of giving back. I have been waiting on him. He’s been focused on other things. It’s too close to the actual date to wait much longer. It’s time to stir the pot, poke someone else’s frozen turkey, and buy someone else’s mashed potatoes.

Eldest daughter Marie has been adopted several years now. Thanksgiving and Christmas adoptions from a Methodist Church up in her neighborhood, thank you. This year she can contribute to the gas, and the two sisters are going together to their “Pop’s” in Arizona. “Making amends,” Marie says; “Bravo,” I reply.

Ferget Google. We support the Salvation Army because of all the help they gave Duck. I’ll just phone The Salvation Army directly this morning and get a phone number to call….after I call the hand guy. Before I go to school.

You know, life is pretty good today.


  1. Tell us how that works out. Fortunately, we have a lot of single friends roaming outside our doors waiting to be adopted for Christmas celebrations, or even Sunday brunches. I had never heard of an Adopt a Family program. Sound like a good idea.

  2. Sounds like a good way to--as you say--give back. That's the way I think life works best, don't you? Pay it forward! When you do it all seems to come back double-fold.

  3. My previous comment comes across as a tad self serving I'm afraid. I should add that it's not the reason you do it, but the inevitable result, and sometimes the rewards are the intangibles.


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