November 6, 2008


1948 Streamlined trolley in Baltimore MD colors, September 2008.

Himself: Not bored at work any more.

Herself: My stomach was fine by my legs swelled. Wasn’t that interesting. Made an appointment for the hand tests.

Food: Bread and butter. Crackers and butter. Soup and Salad. 1 Diet Coke.

  • I plowed deeply into the “Road Trip” photo album, and I got as far as the San Francisco pictures before I ran out of both double sided tape and album sleeves. After dinner, a stop at Ross got us the right number of new pages and another red leather photo album at the same cost the pages alone would have been at Staples. At Staples we got the tape, and G got some window shopping in. This getting up at 0415 is great stuff in the mornings but cuts the evening play hours down.

  • As always, I live with a book in my hands. I’ve given up on the bodice rippers right now. They were endless….forever and ever never resolving, never finding a solution, and never being kind to the well educated son in law who I happened to like. I skimmed the last of book three, I confess to this guilty act. Then I reached happily for the newest of Parkers Spenser mysteries. Nothing new there either. Nothing important. I had a few hours in the comfort of familiar characters who also don’t grow much unless it’s into anorexia. Ah well. Last night I restarted myself on the weighty “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.” After plodding my way through the history of Germany chapter, I’m left with a little better understanding of the Teutonic mind at the turn of the century. Not just done in by the Thirty Years War, but decimated by the harsh Peace that followed. Gee, didn’t that happen after WWI also.

  • I’ve volunteered to work at the Cancer Society to help set up for the Christmas Boutique this afternoon. Three to something. The something will be in the dark, and I can’t drive in the dark. This doesn’t come up much any more. I had to laugh at myself as I had almost forgotten this restriction. So I will bus over……hoping to not duplicate the three hour bus ride to go one mile trip that happened last time, and G will pick me up at five. We have lentil soup, corn bread, and salad ready.

  • We are sleeping like logs. Lumps. We spoon in the cold and snore happily each never noticing a thing. It’s so lovely. Nights are now in the low fifties, days are in the seventies. One small room heater is out. One light quilt is out. We smile and enjoy our chilly nights. Delightful…..but they say another Santa Ana is on the way.

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