December 1, 2008

Back to the Usual

Beth and her mom Ellie amongst the shirt colors. Below on the Midway: Island, Chapel, G and Aaron, Aaron & Ellie & Beth, Beth and a giant mangle, and the family in one of four Ready Rooms.

Himself: He makes the best Grampa.

Herself: I let them climb down not ready to tell them I’m embarrassed that I pant while climbing back up, embarrassed that I’m failing. Scheduled visit with Marie on a last day of class that I must attend. Oh dear. Can’t do this so must call her and drive up with art later.

Balance: I’m kind of ready for the usual after the long weekend.

Support World AIDS Day
Imagine finishing the laundry. I think of my friends who still fight AIDS while I load the machine.

I love turkey, I love the Midway, and I love photographing her, but sometimes putting dishes in the dishwasher has a certain yin to my yang of thinking. I woke before four with nightmares I didn’t need. Working with yesterdays images helps wash the dreams away.

Working with yesterday’s actions helps the memories of yesterdays friends. Sometimes grandchildren are the best antidote.

I’ll bake a pork chop, I’ll thaw a casserole for tomorrow, I’ll core out an apple, and I’ll make some slaw to eat at the end of our day. Perhaps my friend Dale Craig would appreciate who I became. I wouldn’t be here without his encouragement.

We all flowed in and out through the Midway yesterday. New spaces open every time we go….this time the ready rooms, this time the Admiral’s quarters. Next time something else. Aaron with only one hour sleep was taken home early so he could sleep some more.

I do what’s suggested with a smile today. No fear of failure. Fold the laundry here, make the calls I need, and ride the bike. Pant less. Smile more. Never forget.


  1. Perfect way to end off the post to what seemed a perfect day. Glad your spirits are high.

  2. You are really something. Amazing lady.


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