December 22, 2008

Festival of Lights

Decorations: A tiny tree for the bedroom.

Himself: Handled all but me very well, but when I got confused about who got what, he got confused. All was well in the end.

Herself: It all worked. Plus the giant scab from the doc’s last freezing bit came off and I can go back into the water tomorrow. Hurrah. What a difference when you cannot exercise.

The Holiday: Hanukah, the festival of lights. The first candle was lit last night.

Balance: Sense of humor needed.
  • First thing this morning the phone rang. Not a bad hour for me, as I was up at four thirty, but a bad hour for the phone owner, my eldest.

    “What’s your name?” Said the voice of my youngest Granddaughter.

    I of the stentorian voice, “Does your mother know you are calling gramma?”

    In the background could be heard, “Momma, it’s gramma.”

    “Oh, no…….,” click, and silence followed by my laughter.

    The Mmmmm has discovered she can push the green button on the phone and talk to someone. I’m first on the call list, and this charming three year old hasn’t quite remembered that pushing the button will get me. Mother hasn’t got the first thousand dollar, out of state, phone bill yet either.

    I called back to say into her answering machine, “I do hope you have had your coffee by now, have your phone fixed, and your daughter fixed.” It really wasn’t kind of me to laugh all through this though.

  • Left: Eustis and Sally reading yesterday in Barcelona. Right: Beth and Aaron before dinner.

  • The Solstice visit was a success. Mmmmm made one of those calls when they were all here, so Marie got to talk with all of us. Beth and Marie took almost identical classes this year toward very different goals with similar grades in math. Most of the sandwich meats and cheese vanished, but I vastly over produced the new lemon cold slaw. I think it will still be good Wednesday.

    The family…….very tight right now with their budget, gave us movie tickets… delightful of them. You bet we will go.

    Right at the end, Mohave appeared at the door. She’d walked up the hill bearing gifts from the La Jolla grandkids. We got her to stay for a bite or two then sent her home with the Campo’s as they left. Her mother has decided not to celebrate Christmas this year.

  • When you are hot, you’re hot. And we were hot last night. I woke at one and steamingly couldn’t quite get back to sleep. Toss, doze, think, and repeat.

    “Yes, we were hot last night,” said G leading me to replace the cast iron quilt with the next level down on thickness. Nightmares and thinking kept me awake, but not awake enough to get me up. This morning, I’m ignoring the why of that old green quilt roasting us above 42 degrees F, I’m just replacing it. We do not sleep well when roasting.

Left: Mom Ellie with a Starbucks Card. Right: Dad Guy with a high powered light for the dark nights.

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