December 5, 2008


Above: Teals. Below: Himself on the ladder, November, 2008.

Himself: Grinning, happy, and enthusiastic that it’s Friday.

Herself: Hand: Staying slightly better. No date for wrist surgery yet. Hip: There. Gave up waiting for surgery date, for which I also have to visit my regular doc, and called to have a bothersome spot frozen off. I’m taking care of me slowly but surely.

Balance: It all worked well this day.
  • We near the holiday. G dragged the ladder up two flights of stairs, and we got the prewrapped holiday boxes, the box of ribbons, and the wrapping paper down from the attic above his closet. I actually managed to get the card list into Office 2003 after failing to figure out how to use Office 2007. I didn’t finish the process tho fearing if I clicked on “next” it might wipe out days of work, and I am hoping my “expert” can finish it off without losing it all. But it is saved.

    As the final touch to my day, I sent a note off to grandchildren families and grandchildren, giving dates we are free and dates Aaron is free too. Since Aaron is in the Navy and works nights, Aaron’s hours are all important. I am so hoping that we can have an hour or so together with laughter and sharing the focus.

  • As all our budgets shrink this holiday, our priorities shift. Where once G and I gave gifts without thought to cost, this year there is little money for presents. We have saved all year, but with inflation, there is little money. I, like others, am not opening my statements right now. The Citibank CC, deep into it’s own difficulties, doubled it’s rates for everyone, so not only is our focus on the grandchildren but on paying the card off.

    I’m feeling a bit like the Grinch, but it’s ok. Why? Because it is real. Ya know, real will be just fine this year.

  • Speaking of presents, a book has been ordered, thanks to guidance from Kay, through Powell’s in Portland via London and sent to Spain. Then of course, I found an easy reader version of “The Secret Garden” at my favorite thrift store. There were certain books from my childhood that were favorites, and this was one.

  • I so enjoy this holiday. Now. As a child it all seemed so different, so colorful with lights and the tree at home at the Clark’s and at Carol’s house. Always all that anticipation. Always such a letdown with one present, money, and parents who were drunk. Grandma was there tho dressed so beautifully in the same thing every year.

    As a child I didn’t understand the undercurrents. At all. As an adult, I now know all the gruesome details, and I know I did something similar to my own kids this holiday. I drank. A generational gift. Then again, I’ve also lived 25 Christmas’s sober.

    Today, if they care to pick up a wondrous gift, I offer them hope.


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