December 26, 2008

Looking Forward

The G’s, December 1984.

Himself: Played his new computer games and helped cook dinner.

Herself: I love quiet days. He gave me four books on famous liners, and most of my day was spent skimming them before making a very fattening dinner. Thanks dear G.

The Holiday: Boxing Day, read all about it.

Balance: Getting back to life from the holidays.
  • I want to cram as much pool time in as I can before I am forced to grow old again. It’s amazing how wonderful I feel after an hour of pushing myself in the water. I may be freezing with some of me hanging out in the 40 degree F winds, but the rest of me loves it. On the 13th, I turn into a pumpkin with my right hand a football of bandages. The stitches come out one week after surgery, but I don’t know if I will be allowed back in the water so soon. I’ll find out more at my next pre-op.

  • I also want ready some visuals for my blog for the weeks when I am reduced to one handed blogging. I can ready templates for the days I’m lumpish. Maybe some of my doodles in anticipation of new ones.

    My computer has gotten beyond sluggish, and I can help it get moving again by reducing the number of jpgs and old journals that fill its hard drive. I’m not using photography from 2003….nor am I using the writings from 2006, for example. Those can go into storage if they are not already. If I can do this one handed, I’ll leave this for the week I look like a wad of wrappings.

  • They say it will be sunny but very cold out there today. If you want me, I will be tucked in here writing thank you notes…on the computer. That’s a far, far better thing than wasting a stamp on an unreadably scrawled few words. Duck used to do that. In his last years at home, one could gauge the state of his health by the shaking in his thank you letters. The last year he didn’t even try.

  • My handwriting or printing? G pronounced my scribbles unreadable two years ago. I noted that they improved after the two shots. I can hold a pen again. My signature is almost mine again. Maybe surgery will improve things yet again. And again………

    Then again, on my refrigerator is a card from Robert Miles Parker. Broadway’s Other Portraitist says the Times. I say, bravo that he’s still drawing through his shaking. Even if I can’t figure out what he’s drawing, all that matters is that he’s drawing. I always liked my stuff as well as I did Miles’, mine just wasn’t as free. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens now.

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