January 10, 2009



Himself: Had a good day and ate too much dinner. Norton problems on his computer last night.

Herself: Met N, the lady I replaced at the store…..she back just as I leave. I got to price cookbooks yesterday. Hospital calls every day with more preop stuff. Never had anything like all these calls before. Ate too much with the Jim’s.

Balance: Waiting an hour for the Jim’s at Phil’s BBQ, while a very thin Doc Jim was waiting for the visiting nurse who was running very late. We survived despite ourselves.

It’s been a people week. As I take my very long, stretched out parting of everyone for surgery, I’ve been taking pictures.

Surgery. You used to pay, go in, have tests, have surgery, recover. Now you go to doc A, get tests, go to Doc B, get tests, have the hospital call three times on three different days and mail packages to you, then go in, have surgery……and who knows what happens next after that to cost more money. I’m sure liability is the culprit. I’ll be grateful to have a hand after all this.

Lunch….I eat now, they eat then…….but this one week I have company eating before the reading. Is that like eating before the first act? These are such brilliant women that I feel honored to be with them. Sometimes I feel my writing is just doggerel just as I feel my sketches are just doodles.

He asks, “Were my glasses off?”


  1. Oh, Mage, I must have missed out on one of your posts. Been more or less bedridden for days now. When is the surgery? Do you have a notion how long it will be before you get home again? All my best. I'll be lighting candles and sending you my healing thoughts. Take dear care.

  2. I know you have been talking about your hand surgery, I just didn't realize it was so soon? Next week?


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