February 9, 2009

Cars, Trucks, and Bikes

Himself: Finally the Automotive Museum called needing volunteers. Since their orientation is week days, it was suggested we stop in. We did.

Herself: A weekend of photographs. Rain again today. Bee at 8, and PT at 1030. Maybe the rain will be gone by the time I get on the road.

Balance: Ice the hand while sitting with a book. Rapidly working my way through Bujold’s “Vorkosegian Saga.”

Caught my attention: Alice, at My Wintersong, is one of my three or four morning stops ever day. She isn’t a daily writer, but she opens doors in my mind that other’s don’t. Today she is publishing a Goat column by “One o’the Nine.” She sometimes posts one of her nine uncle’s newspaper columns that was published in Florida in the 1960’s.

What more could one want than another car, bike, or truck. When they called G yesterday, it was suggested we stop by the museum.

After a jaunt up to the top of the point to photograph the flying clouds, we had lunch and headed to Balboa Park. There we found ourselves in a display of delightful hot rods. A docent took the time to show us around the 1935 temporary fair building, and, understanding G’s dilemma of working five days a week and not being able to attend the orientation, suggested he show up next Sunday at one. G could do that.


  1. Thanks for the head nod, Mage. I read all your posts also, except I catch up on them during a 3 or 4 visit each week (so don't say anything bad about me 'cause I'll know it eventually, hee hee). I think your postcard approach--complete with beautiful pictures--is exceptional! Wish I had thought of it.

  2. You wrote today: "Ah, lemme tell you that I’m grateful that fourth picture was of the bay. It could have been anything. LOL"
    dear Mage, with anyone else, I would've thought it was an exaggeration, but with you--, well, this comment made me laugh!


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