February 27, 2009

Rut Bound

Bow of the MS Scandinavian Highway as the ship is passing Shelter Island, 2009.

Himself: He was a bit tired last night, but enjoyed dinner. His stomach finally seems to have calmed down.

Herself: Swim yesterday. Lunch with the Poets, MB’s house, and dinner with friends. Today swim, work at the Cancer Society, laundry. Dinner? Pack.

Balance: Writing it all again will keep me on my toes, the kindness of others will keep me moving on.

  • When asked how are you, I started to reply and found myself muttering mundanities. “Laundry,” I said. Imagine a whole world boiled down to clean slipcovers. How can I leap on that and keep explaining only to find that I’ve dug myself deeper in a whole of mediocrity.

    We won’t be here this weekend. I’m grabbing this chance to be a housefrau and get a few things accomplished in my absence. For instance, we would have to move out for days if we bombed for silverfish now…instead we are going away to visit friends. G’s sealed the garage against any future silverfish invasion, and we will set off bombs as we leave Saturday morning. And too, Sitting on wet slipcovers isn’t functional, but if I wash that mountain of white fabric today, they can shrink to fit over the weekend.

    Useful mundanities though white slipcovers are not functional.

  • I was still working on the KdF ship piece until I was almost out the door yesterday. Two weeks of research, two weeks of interesting work, and the uniform decision was that it was an “A” term paper. This gave me a momentary let down. The point of it all wasn’t to achieve a term paper. I was too close. I hadn’t seen beyond the research. As I was reminded, that’s why it’s good to have a workshop to read your piece. Now I have to make it readable.

  • A delightful dinner with two newer friends. Friendship is a magic thing. The true lady shared family and house news while the gentleman brought his personal copy of the Speers book to give me. What a thoughtful kindness. I found myself reading it tucked in bed last night, and first thing this morning it leapt back into my hands again. I can’t thank him enough.

  • Packing……always I forget something. This time we wear layers, bring clean underwear, meds, and our pillows. Rarely do we go away for such short visits now, and I am reminded that this is awfully good for us. It stirs us out of our ruts, in fact, the two of us are rut bound. Not good at all. Perhaps a little trimming will stir us up a bit. I can hardly wait.

    We will see you Monday or Tuesday or…..


  1. Aren't you smart with the silverfish and slip covers... I'm usually in such a dither, I couldn't possibly organise such activities.

    Have fun, will be looking forward to hearing about your trip. I promise to write a few passing comments about the Berlin trip. The reason I haven't is do to the three parties of guests we've received this week (!).

  2. Rutbound. Sounds like me. Hope your weeknd was lovely and the fishes are gone!


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