March 19, 2009

Here From There

Fog tendrils reaching over the Point and heading for the bay. When we got home from Shelter Island, we found home enveloped in fog. Lovely grey stuff that. March 2009.

Himself: Have a date for picking up our Travel Documents for Alaska.

Herself: Swam, school, some email. Today I’m paying some attention to Grumpy.

Reading: Next to the last Vatta.

Balance: An hour to read by the bay in the quiet and the sunshine with camera.

  • Unable to get to OD this morning. Finally found an open link that worked and came in the back door.

  • Packing lunch, snacks, our newspaper, the San Diego Union Tribune….which has just been sold to a non-news holding group, and heading out into the fog. Shortly. When it gets light enough for me to see the fog.

  • Lost 6 pounds over the last few days, but my innards seem to be stabilized at last. I bet it was those cough drops….the no-sugar ones. I should know better than to eat even one she says in continual denial and hindsight.

  • Grandkids….one grandson is heading to Thailand for two weeks of study, a granddaughter is heading to Egypt to study for two weeks, and we haven’t heard anything from their cousin Aaron about heading overseas with the Marines. We have college news of three of them. That will do. We are awfully proud of them all……even when we don’t hear from them.

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  1. Sounds like there's a little nostalgia for those grandkids! How 'bout letting me lend you mine for a couple of days? We've had our grandkids(3 and 6)since last Saturday evening while their parents are gallivanting in Antigua (10th anniversary). There's a reason we shouldn't be parents in our 60s! I'm nearly exhausted! The sun (and they) will be back tomorrow night real late. I expect relief after breakfast Saturday.


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