March 14, 2009

Orts 143

Again and again the skate boarder on the right ran, leaping on his board, attempting to jump high in the air while the board turned three or four times…..then both falling to the ground. Again and again, the boarder on the left leapt on his board next to him his camera aimed somewhere high to catch the success that never happened.

Himself: He got himself out there walking after work yesterday with great verve. No glimpses of the whale tho; it seems to have moved on down the bay near the Star Of India.

Herself: Swim, work, read, feel guilty as I keep thinking I’m not doing enough.

Balance: Water.

Caught my attention: San Diego Daily Photo.

  • Most importantly of all, my punctuation has returned to OD. Ellipsis and apostrophes are mine again. Then somehow, Google that wasn’t returned and I can access things like Blogger and Facebook again where I find one or two overseas friends and one granddaughter.

  • I discovered a blog yesterday that had a blog roll of photo blogs. Among them was the titled, San Diego Daily Photo. My eye glanced down the many day’s pictures, and my head said: “I helped build that. I was involved in that. I helped moved that building. I gathered paint for that. I was there just yesterday.” My head began turning and I woke to the fact that I’ve been pretty sedentary since we moved in here. No earthshaking actions, behaviors, or tsunamis. Were many of my more poignant involvements done only while I was drinking? Well, thanks to shortness of temper, I’ve rejoined a few organizations I was a member of in the past. Maybe I still have it in me to stir up a little this or that in my middle years too.

  • For years I’ve had a row of coffee cups on my kitchen windows that are filled with the old cast iron and steel knives and forks. The wooden handles and fancy pewter bolsters have always meant family to me. Grandma had a most beautiful fork to turn things with. Marie lost it when she was tiny, and I’ve been over compensating for years and buying everyone I saw….broken orphan or not. The sea air began to eat away the surfaces. Two days ago, I put them out on the counter and tried to clean them, but my scrubbing hand wasn’t strong enough. G’s hand gave out early last night. He announced we were running by Home Depot and getting a round attachment for his drill……and the proper pads. “Let the power tool do the work,” is the catch phrase for tomorrow.

  • More tomorrow. I'll pull down the boxes of fabric in the garage and see what I have in turquoise. Achoooooo.

  • No sunshine yet today. That must mean it’s a good day for the biggest indoor rummage sale in the city. It’s right near G’s museum, in fact. If we leave early, we can do a little of everything plus the kitchen sink today. Maybe even look and see if I can get kitchen counter material at HD while we are there. Imagine….as our counter is paper thin, original, and a piece of crap. Did I say that? Me?

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