March 28, 2009

Reuinions and Other Thinking

A table, 2008. Below: 1960 and 2004.

Himself: Coming to the lunch with me. Dear man that he is. Picking up our travel papers first.

Herself: Fatter this year than last….ah, the comparisons. Vastly fatter than in 1960.

Reading: Speer.

Balance: The thrift store manager graduated from beauty school. Big stuff.

  • There’s a reunion today. We are gathering for lunch this year in a most beautiful garden. I hope a few more of the Boyden’s folks come also. We are a pretty good bunch of difficult folks. Most of us were at that school because we were difficult or prepping for an Academy. I was there because of my learning disabilities. No one knew about LD’s in the 1940’s, nor did they at Boyden’s School, but they tried harder. Unlike Bishop’s school, I was repeatedly “invited back” to Boyden’s hallowed halls.

  • A noter at Postcards said, “Should anyone even care about this? Personally I think all the good was negated by the bad?!” And the folks in my writing workshop asked me if I had explained how I felt about these things I was writing. No, I hadn’t.

    Initially I was fascinated, and interested by first the architecture, then, as I followed my nose, by other bits of Nazi life such as the cruise ships and the arts. I was equally repulsed and appalled by the creative energy put into swaying one peoples will through the smallest details and thinking while the leader of this nation wiped out whole cultures and peoples with a wave of his hand.

    I hadn’t considered anything I was writing about as good. Similar to….yes. Horrifying, yes. Appalling….and in all ways, later, “petit-bourgeois” in thinking just like that of their leader. “Boring,” as Speer says. I had been overjoyed to find well constructed web sites filled with information about each topic I was writing. I was truly pleased to use these subjects as tools to help me learn how to write better. I hadn't considered the subjects worth ignoring.

    Thinking of anything the Nazi’s did as good? Never. Earthshaking. Yes. World changing. Yes. Sickening, horrifying, and appalling. Yes. As time goes by, we remember the holocaust. We mourn. But we live in the now and do not remember the rest of Germany’s life during those years. So, as one paving stone leads to another, I wrote about some of the small details of the NS world that are not well remembered in ours.

    Hitler’s followers loved the man and followed him with blind devotion. In a similar manner, many of us here in America were sucked in by Richard Nixon. Both my folks and G’s folks loved Nixon until the day they died. I was on one of Nixon’s bad guy lists, there were more than one, and I considered Nixon’s tactics in a similar light to Hitler’s.

  • So today a few of us old warriors, from conservative to left leaning commie-pinko-rats are meeting under a canopy of gentle green. Together. Comparing our years and our lives. Smiling. For just today, life is good.

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