March 27, 2009

Tangoing with the Bank

My Cousin Tom dances. Here he is tangoing with a curl of the upper lip. Marvelous stuff.

Himself: Those good days keep rolling. Tonight board meeting. Candidates meeting for next board coming up.

Herself: Ba at the pool. I corrected and printed the Art piece and not much interest was engendered. I came home and put it online….anyway. Woke at two thinking.

Reading: Third Reich tho the new Dragon’s of Pern book has arrived.

Balance: A salad out by the bay at Pizza Nova tho he read treasurers reports while my nose was in Speer.

In between a little of this and a little of that the mail arrived.

There was one of those paper thin letters from the bank tossed in with the Smithsonian and the other usual mail now much reduced. When I opened it up, it said we had been denied this and that…was that a credit card? Denied? I got angry. So we toodled to the bank on our way to eat.

Not a credit card……..we had those in our hands. They said we didn’t have a checking account……tho we had that in our hands too. When the poor new assistant manager put everything but the kitchen sink into her computer, two vastly different printouts for the same people and same accounts appeared. We said we would be back and went to dinner.

How fortuitous that denial of something we didn’t know we could have unearthed discrepancies. A sheet with my name printed out with a checking account, two debit cards…I have one, a safe deposit box, a car loan long paid off, a house loan almost paid off, and a credit card. A separate sheet for G had half these amenities.

Even if G diligently pays for the house forever plus thirty years, he’s not going to get credit for it.

And not in his name either. Nope, there lies the rub. The computer refused to correct things. We left the man doing the work, the manager, and the assistant manager all nose into their computers. I’m sure we will hear from them tomorrow when they find G’s full name.

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