March 10, 2009

A Visit

Georgette and Bee in 2003. More pictures are downstairs in the camera and I am being lazy. I’ll add a current image later in the day.

Himself: Went to his museum meeting. Met lots of folks, found out how the museum runs, and yes, he’s the only car-guy on Saturdays. He told them he couldn’t do meetings on workdays then made it home in time for lunch out.

Later in the day, he bought the Cuisinart waffle maker at Frye’s. It’s a much more solid creation than the cheapie we bought at Target. And we took the cheapie back to Target too.

Herself: Eating lunch at noon……it threw me off again. Still stuffed at the late dinner hour. I’m eating about half what I used to….plus those snacks, and I still feel like a stuffed slug. Time change. Added one more day in the water.

Caught my attention: At Force Majeure Farm meet a retired Coast Guard Officer who says this about herself: “A retired Coast Guard officer, now living on a small farm in the Midwest. I consult because it pays the bills; I farm because it feeds the soul; I quilt and write because it preserves my sanity.”

I don’t consult, but I tidy because it is Monday…….and Bee is coming. Our house still looks overstuffed in comparison to hers…….why I compare, I do not know.

She loves the cookbooks I’ve collected for her. I too do not know how to melt sugar into a glaze, but one of these basic cookbooks I found for her will explain. One hopes.

“Was this because I couldn’t melt the sugar?” She said while gesturing with a pile of cookbooks.

“Yes,” I said laughing. “And do you have the Fanny Merritt Farmer Boston Cooking School Cookbook?” She did.

Lunch by the bay. We talked from noon to two. She came down to see her mother before the two of them were off to Europe. Her mother had a good day. Four days in London will be good too. Four days in Paris at their usual hotel also. What fun. What magic. Touring Europe with her last time worked well because we let her be tour guide only half the day. Then again, I let her dissuade me from touring Omaha beach. I learned lots from that stop in Paris.

Today no Paris for me. Swimming, yes. Reviewing that Essay on the KdF ships one more time…….I keep finding grievous errors and plan to read it in class tomorrow. And dreaming, yes. But no Paris.

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