April 5, 2009

Before and After

…a few hours with SoCalFrank.

Himself: Luxuriated in breakfast at Perry’s, walked with SoCalFrank at the Zoo, had fun with the mobs arriving to see the new electric car at the museum, and enjoyed dinner at new restaurant and book signing.

Herself: Walked about three hours. Took two ibuprofen. Absolutely delighted to see and talk with SoCal for those four hours. What fun!!!! Saw the writers and cops at the book signing. Quiet evening.

Reading: Nothing……imagine.

Balance: The Zoo.

Far away on a corner across a busy highway, a man in a hat waited at the street light. G called SoCalFrank’s cell, and the thin man raised a cell to his ear.



I’m sure he recognized us despite our weight gain. We recognized him despite his weight loss from his anti diabetic walks, post colon cancer, and post heart attck stress. He was waving. We both smiled.


We talked and walked, he walking at my newly mobile speed…kind man that he is. He made puns. We animaled, smiled in the sun, wallowed in sunscreen, talked some more, and had a hell of a good time.

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